Starcraft: The Board Game now available

Players hungering for a new StarCraft experience need look no further than StarCraft: The Board Game, published by Fantasy Flight Games. Players take control of the Protoss, Terran, or Zerg and battle across multiple worlds. True to the StarCraft legacy, each of the three races features a unique and distinctive play style, and the inclusion of two distinct factions for each race allows up to six players to compete for galactic dominance at a time.

Including a total of 180 plastic figures with dozens of unit types, StarCraft: The Board Game features an innovative modular board which guarantees a new experience each and every game. An exciting card-driven combat system allows players to modify and upgrade their faction with a wealth of powerful technologies. Players can unleash a Zergling rush, use powerful Protoss shields to halt an enemy invasion, or even dispatch cloaked Ghosts to guide nuclear missiles to their target.

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Daver3905d ago

it looks cool but a lil complicated at start

JsonHenry3905d ago

I live in a pathetically backward town. I would never find anyone else in my area that would play it with me. : (

Daver3905d ago

If you live in a pathetically town like you say... dont even bother finding friends.. you wont be able to get the game :) lol im jking