Unreal Engine 4 Graphics Are Ready For PS4 & Xbox 720

Techtorial: The recent blowout for Unreal Engine 4 shows the future of games in terms of graphics performance and fidelity, providing a good tease how future titles will look like on next-gen consoles.

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SlxTeN2135d ago

Bad economy is the reason why next gen consoles are not out yet.

SlxTeN2135d ago

I believe you understood what i meant, no need to bring Wii U to discussion because it is only slightly better then current consoles except Wii.

Hisiru2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

How do you know that? Do you have inside info or a crystal ball?

GamingPerson2135d ago

"Apparently Epic has seen the specs of the PS4 and next Xbox and is "actively lobbying" for them to be more powerful."

hardcorehippiez2135d ago

yes and with the economy goin down in europe right now, it will soon spread again and slip into a third recession. it would be madness to release a new console as sales will not even near cover the cost of manufacture. oh how i wish this was different though, i want to see what a next gen playstation will bring .

richierich2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Yeah but computer hardware prices have come down in the past 6 years. RAM is dirt cheap these days the only components I would be worrying about the cost of would be the GPU and CPU

hardcorehippiez2135d ago

it does'nt matter look at at the world , people are loosing money at a drastic rate especially in greece . people who once considered well off are now visiting food shelters for free food handouts because they cannot afford to feed themselves and you think they're going to worry about buying consoles . wow . the richest people are getting richer while the everyday working or lower class people are getting shit on. im thankful that i still have a job in this economy but luxuries like a new console are far from my top priority at this time . and im sure im not alone in this. oh and i've owned nearly every gaming system since the atari vcs

DeadlyFire2135d ago

Doesn't matter. Sure people are losing money. The bottom/middle class is often left to fend for itself and has no structure in at least 90% of the world. Meanwhile the upper class invests and creates whatever it wants and walks on golden carpets.

Still there will be enough people in the Middle/bottom class to buy these consoles and make a few more folks rich.

Reaper99372135d ago

Yes and Apple's Ipads and Iphones are selling in their millions...

neutralgamer192135d ago

Your absolutely correct but the gaming market is smaller than the phone and tablet market. Even though those two things arent necessities whod be surprised how many ppl few it as such (way more than ppl feel a gaming console is a necessity) so it will sell more.