Weekly Skyrim Gallery [May 13th - 19th]

DSOGaming writes: "As most of you already know, Skyrim modded is one of the best looking PC games at the moment. Not only that, but its modding community is really active and come up with amazing little gems. Therefore, we decided to replace our weekly GTA IV gallery with one for Skyrim. Today, we bring you screenshots from the works of modders stakado, Insane Jack, midhras, Kyokushinoyama, dpeasant, sanhoshin,VictoriaG, Den987, lolerzness, Crane92, zappoo and T.A.Z. Enjoy!"

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coolmaster2317d ago

wow, i didn't know such an awesome graphics can be achieved in skyrim. Amazing job! (and gorgeous models) =D

john22317d ago

yeap, Skyrim modded looks phenomenal

Servbot412317d ago

How about a list of which screenshot is using what mods? Pretty useless "article" without that.

john22317d ago

By that logic, I guess that all screenshots from unreleased games are useless as you can't play the game, right? ;)