The 39 Headlines You Need to Become a Successful Video Game Blogger

If you read a lot of gaming blogs, you soon realize there are only so many things to be written about video games. Here's every single story you need to become a successful video game blogger.

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Dante1122133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

This article was on point.

"Financial Analysist Michael Pachter Who Does Know About Gaming, but Likes to Say Ridiculous Things on Purpose Has Made a Ridiculous Statement About The Gaming Industry"

"Fanboy Baiting Editorial Where We Dare to Declare One Game/Console/Company Better than Another Game/Console/Company"

"Even More Rumors That Totally Contradict the Last Two Sets and…Okay Okay, We’ll Stop Just Posting Whatever We See on NeoGAF"

Lmao, so true. Especially the last one (Next gen consoles).

WeskerChildReborned2133d ago

Yep if you could draw heat by making some negative statements, then you'll be big in no time.

jthamind2133d ago

i hit ctrl+F to see how long it would take me to find the word "list." lol.

guitarded772133d ago

This list is so full of truth... it must have been written by the truth police.

DeeZee2132d ago

They forgot "Insert Retailer is Running their Biggest Sale Ever".