Sony employee C.V all but confirms PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale IS coming to Vita

"If the LinkedIn C.V of Sony employee Robert Krekel is anything to go by then SuperBot Entertainment’s PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is also in development for PlayStation Vita.

Robert, a sound designer with SCEA, lists PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale for PS3 and Vita under “Current Project”."

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jujubee882278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I've got nothing to add to this.

This is giong to be on my VITA, though. FO SHO

Edit: Pending IF this is true and not a typo on behalf of the linkedIn person, I will have to buy this on VITA.

Batzi2278d ago

same. This game sounds more suitable for a portable system than a home system.

smashcrashbash2278d ago

That makes no sense. How do you figure? What makes it sound like it is more suitable for a portable system?

sikbeta2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

cross-platfrom gaming, dudes, why playing on a portable alone when you can play on both, console and handheld, will get the dual-pack *hopes* ala MLB'12

jthamind2278d ago

i don't agree that it sounds more suitable for a portable (i think it's quite the opposite), but i do think it would be obvious that Sony should bring it to the Vita. this will likely push some nice numbers on the PS3, and there's no reason they wouldn't use that game to get more Vitas in people's hands as well.

ginsunuva2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

But then you can't do 4player local versus. This type of game is optimal for local play.

Anyways, now I have fewer reasons to bring my ps3 to college. I don't really want to risk damaging or losing it there. But a Vita + PC seems to substitute just fine.
The only games I would need to play at home would be The Last of Us, GoW Ascension, and The Last Guardian.

FlashXIII2278d ago

I also think it seems more suitable for a portable system. Don't know if the screen size will effect the game but from the footage ive seen of the game, it comes across as the perfect 15 minute time killer.Not to say it isn't an indepth experience which can't be played for hours on end but it does seem like the perfect title for loading up while waiting for the bus.

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GraveLord2278d ago

How could it be a typo?

mugoldeneagle032278d ago

If Sony is serious about the Vita/PS3 cross compatibility this needs to be a must on a lot of games going forward, especially 1st party titles

JoeReno2278d ago

I personally expect Sony to do this with most first party games from here on out. I think its really the only way they can live up to the Never Stop Playing ad phrase, and it was a selling point for me picking up a Vita.

Patriots_Pride2278d ago

The people who work for Sonys marketing and sales team must be idiots.

Why not make this game an VITA exclusive - the VITA is not selling good and peoples number one thing is that it lacks games. Why would I buy a Vita when I can play this on my PS3?

Xander-RKoS2277d ago

I'm kind of right there with you. More importantly, why I would I buy the same game twice?

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Ck1x2278d ago

You should get a discount if you purchase both games for both devices!

r212278d ago

ok if this is true, the vita just got more awesome. being able to play console games on the go is a dream come true :D

WeskerChildReborned2278d ago

Awesome then, hopefully it look's as good as the console version. Regardless, i'll still be getting the Vita and Console versions and hopefully, they have cross play.

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