The HD DVD Enthusiasts Disaster Recovery Plan

Torrence Davis of the Bitbag:

"Warner Bros. dropped a huge bomb on Toshiba before the CES last week. They made the move to Blu-Ray exclusivity. Warner stated that they were pro-actively trying to end the format war. Yes, it is bad for consumers, but when the market split is this deep, how bad is it? The only consumers in this war are early adopters and gadget heads. The result of Sony putting a Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 is a huge conglomerate of 8 million Blu-Ray pundits. How can a small force of HD-DVD enthusiasts fight the force of Blu? There are many ways to fight for your format or join the other side. I'm here to highlight some of them."

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YoMeViet3987d ago

Where's the HD-DVD's Self-Destruct Button when you need it...

SL1M DADDY3987d ago

It's that yellow button, right next to that jolly, candy like red button...

Just give up the ghost already HD-DVD, it's over.

rawd3987d ago

Even if they sell HD DVD players for 5 dollars. What the heck are you gonna watch on them anyway

eagle213987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

get it Blu-ray earned the win. Supporters were far from cheap. edit: a pundit is (a noun) meaning learned man or expert.

beaner714813987d ago

i thought that the ps3's did not matter because people who own ps3's don't buy movies and stand-alone hd-dvd players sold alot more than stand alone blu-ray. Why the change of tone?

dabizo3987d ago

I own a PS3 - I own 6 blu-ray movies and I have ordered a couple more this month.. Of course owners of PS3's buy the damn films!
HD-DVD will die off, my brother inlaw who knows nothing about anything HD or techy mentioned to me he was going to buy a blu-ray player but they were too expensive, then he said he was going to get a PS3! He even said HD-DVD was dead (I have no idea where he got that from)
What I am trying to say is, when someone like him says that then the news must be filtering down to the general Joe Bloggs.

HD-DVD is on its way out IMO and the whole world :)

chfthnder263987d ago

there is no change of tone when u look at how many blu ray units r out in the wild compare that to how many discs have been sold then you can see that blu ray isnt sales r lagging the guy below says he has 6 blu ray movies that probably mean the 1that came with the ps3 and the 5 free movies in the mail, me i have about 40 hddvds and i love watching every last one of them and i will continue to buy them cuz the way i see it they still work even though warner bros. will be bluray in a few months

NEO_X3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I have bought over 10 bluray movies so far.
I found remember the titans the other day and couldn't resist it
none of the titles were free and I will continue to buy movies I have about 6 movies I can see myself buying within next few months.
And honestly....... how could you own 40 titles that means you are buying movies just to buy movies and I garuntee every hd-dvd supporter does not own 40.
I have quite a few friends who bought there ps3 for games and have now started purchasing movies.
Ps3 has definitley made a dent in the format war

DRUDOG3987d ago

Even if all the HD-DVD owners in the world suddenly bought more movies on release day it still wouldn't make a big enough difference for the studios. Whoever wrote this has obviously adopted HD-DVD already and wouldn't want to lose out on their investment. My advice: Drop HD-DVD as fast as possible, cause the value of whatever you've got is dropping like a rock.

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The story is too old to be commented.