Mad Riders Hits The XBLA This Month For The Price Of A Pizza

Ubisoft and Techland are set to release their newest off road racer this month on the 30th with Mad Riders. It looks a lot like Techland’s previous off road racer, Nail’d which was a total blast. Use a huge selection of ATVs and Buggies to fling mud and complete insane jumps across 45 tracks and 3 mulitplayer modes. With up to 12 players online it should make for one heck of a ride. All of this for the price of a pizza its a no brainer!! Check out the brand new video below!

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Yi-Long2251d ago

Anyway, trailer looks very good (a bit dark but hopefully that's just a problem with the video), and I'm glad this is coming as an XBLA release instead of full-priced retail game, cause the brilliant Pure also suffered a bit, sales-wise, for releasing at full-price and not really finding an audience because of it...

Will have to wait if the gameplay holds up to the graphics, but first impressions are positive.

JellyJelly2250d ago

The game looks good but I'm still a bit frustrated that Techland doesn't put that excellent graphics engine to better use. The Chrome engine is a beast.