The Vita Isn’t Casual Enough for the Everyday Gamer

From the PlanetPSX feature article:

"As I write this, I am currently an employed associate of the electronics department at Wal-Mart. Why does that matter you ask? Well as an employee of any retail of any department, one needs to know or have experience with their products. With that in mind, the PS Vita is a fairly new piece of gaming technology. Researching on the internet, going into forums and even going to other stores outside of work made me realize that the Vita isn’t for the casual gamer. First I’d like to say that is odd, considering it’s definitely marketed towards the casual consumer."

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LaurenKB1232105d ago

I love my Vita, but I agree - not sure it's hitting the casual market....

SPAM-FRITTER-1232105d ago

yeeeeh its selling bad because its TOOOOO hardcore for everyone. /s

SecretPsycho2105d ago

Well it is the price of a ps3 and has around the same graphics as yea to the casual market it is.

Hicken2105d ago

What do you have against... oh, wait. Fanboy. Nevermind.

The Vita has never been aimed at the casual market, to me, so it not selling well to the "everyday" gamer isn't a surprise.

Then again, I wouldn't call a gamer who plays every day to be a casual, so I think definitions differ a bit here.

egidem2105d ago

This could also come down to users' opinions.

Some casual gamers simply prefer a single multi-function device that will give them their entertainment.

They might not see the need to go ahead and buy this extra device for the sake of playing simple games, which their smartphones already do. Again, user opinions.

As for mine, I love my Vita. It doesn't matter how powerful smartphones and tablets will get, they simply can't bring the console experience to a touchscreen with no physical buttons, or bring on the big titles the Vita has.

I certainly don't want my phone's battery to die on me during a phone call simply because I wasted the juice playing games. The Vita is there for that section, and it's doing a tremendous job.

ufo8mycat2104d ago

This is actually true.

IF it focused more on casuals, it would be selling A LOT more. Handhelds are more for casual gamers then core gamers afterall.

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jeeves862105d ago

I don't think it's geared towards the casual market. All of the TV spots I've seen on it, which is usually where casuals 'would' see it, it's touting cross-play and virtual reality. Not exactly casual-gamer-grabbers.

OccludedGamer2105d ago

As much as I agree I think that the most important market to the Vita is the japanese market, which of course has done wonders for the psp.

With some more titles that would appeal to that market, maybe a monster hunter game etc. well that should get the vita sales off to a good start. The casual sales are of course important but I don't think it's the only important market that is currently missing for the vita

egidem2105d ago


Time has also proven that hardcore gamers and the like will most likely keep on buying software for a platform, while the casuals might simply migrate to the next hip thing. Example, like what Ninty is facing in terms of smartphones and tablets.

The casual market is a good source of money, but the problem is that it's not a long term one.

UltimaEnder2105d ago

I want FIFA, Resistance, etc on my Vita; who cares about the casual market - other than how it may affect sales of the Vita!

GuruStarr782105d ago

Casual sales are important, because if you only sell to the core, you won't sell enough systems to support the vita over the long haul.. DS Was super succesul because of this.. sure, I want my resistances and my gravity rushes, but if the vita doesn't sell well overall, developers won't make games for it, its as simple as that..

Give it some time.. the vita will be fine..

GamingTruth2105d ago

at the same time its pointless to try to win over people already fans of nintendos casual market, so its best to stay hardcore mostly

BrianC62342105d ago

I'd like to see Popcap bring out their games on the Vita and be as cheap as the versions on the iPhone/iPod. Please don't charge double the price. Those games should be easy to make.

gamingisnotacrime2105d ago

just look at the store and find the game that fits your gaming style

there is something for everyone!

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