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Submitted by LaurenKB123 1363d ago | opinion piece

The Vita Isn’t Casual Enough for the Everyday Gamer

From the PlanetPSX feature article:

"As I write this, I am currently an employed associate of the electronics department at Wal-Mart. Why does that matter you ask? Well as an employee of any retail of any department, one needs to know or have experience with their products. With that in mind, the PS Vita is a fairly new piece of gaming technology. Researching on the internet, going into forums and even going to other stores outside of work made me realize that the Vita isn’t for the casual gamer. First I’d like to say that is odd, considering it’s definitely marketed towards the casual consumer." (PS Vita, Wal-Mart)

LaurenKB123  +   1363d ago
I love my Vita, but I agree - not sure it's hitting the casual market....
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   1363d ago
yeeeeh its selling bad because its TOOOOO hardcore for everyone. /s
SecretPsycho  +   1363d ago
Well it is the price of a ps3 and has around the same graphics as yea to the casual market it is.
Hicken  +   1363d ago
What do you have against... oh, wait. Fanboy. Nevermind.

The Vita has never been aimed at the casual market, to me, so it not selling well to the "everyday" gamer isn't a surprise.

Then again, I wouldn't call a gamer who plays every day to be a casual, so I think definitions differ a bit here.
egidem  +   1363d ago
This could also come down to users' opinions.

Some casual gamers simply prefer a single multi-function device that will give them their entertainment.

They might not see the need to go ahead and buy this extra device for the sake of playing simple games, which their smartphones already do. Again, user opinions.

As for mine, I love my Vita. It doesn't matter how powerful smartphones and tablets will get, they simply can't bring the console experience to a touchscreen with no physical buttons, or bring on the big titles the Vita has.

I certainly don't want my phone's battery to die on me during a phone call simply because I wasted the juice playing games. The Vita is there for that section, and it's doing a tremendous job.
ufo8mycat  +   1362d ago
This is actually true.

IF it focused more on casuals, it would be selling A LOT more. Handhelds are more for casual gamers then core gamers afterall.
jeeves86  +   1363d ago
I don't think it's geared towards the casual market. All of the TV spots I've seen on it, which is usually where casuals 'would' see it, it's touting cross-play and virtual reality. Not exactly casual-gamer-grabbers.
OccludedGamer  +   1363d ago
As much as I agree I think that the most important market to the Vita is the japanese market, which of course has done wonders for the psp.

With some more titles that would appeal to that market, maybe a monster hunter game etc. well that should get the vita sales off to a good start. The casual sales are of course important but I don't think it's the only important market that is currently missing for the vita
egidem  +   1363d ago

Time has also proven that hardcore gamers and the like will most likely keep on buying software for a platform, while the casuals might simply migrate to the next hip thing. Example, like what Ninty is facing in terms of smartphones and tablets.

The casual market is a good source of money, but the problem is that it's not a long term one.
UltimaEnder  +   1363d ago
I want FIFA, Resistance, etc on my Vita; who cares about the casual market - other than how it may affect sales of the Vita!
GuruStarr78  +   1363d ago
Casual sales are important, because if you only sell to the core, you won't sell enough systems to support the vita over the long haul.. DS Was super succesul because of this.. sure, I want my resistances and my gravity rushes, but if the vita doesn't sell well overall, developers won't make games for it, its as simple as that..

Give it some time.. the vita will be fine..
GamingTruth  +   1363d ago
at the same time its pointless to try to win over people already fans of nintendos casual market, so its best to stay hardcore mostly
BrianC6234  +   1363d ago
I'd like to see Popcap bring out their games on the Vita and be as cheap as the versions on the iPhone/iPod. Please don't charge double the price. Those games should be easy to make.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1363d ago
just look at the store and find the game that fits your gaming style

there is something for everyone!
Bowzabub  +   1363d ago
Thank God.
Young_ART  +   1363d ago
can the casual crowd please just stay on your iphone/wii's/kinects/ and call of duty, because I'm tired of all of my favorite titles/gadgets being watered down, or altered in some shape or form so that they can be "accessed by the casual crowd."

you guys are seriously like a poison.
metsgaming  +   1363d ago
its killing so many good ip's its disturbing.
ginsunuva  +   1363d ago
Devs actually think the casuals are interested in their products and try to win them over. But they don't know that the casuals are just a bunch of little kiddies that hear about angry birds and COD from their friends and only play those. They don't have open minds; they will only play angry birds and cod their whole life
ShaunCameron  +   1363d ago
You know the casual crowd also consist of adults, right? Many of them happen to be in that 18 to 34 demographic the industry usually caters to.
TheDivine  +   1363d ago
Casuals grow into core gamers though. We all started playing casually probably mario, mario kart, sonic, goldeneye, twisted metal or more recently cod, gta, or halo. Nothing wrong with bieng new to gaming or just playing occasionally. A kid, woman, or guy who plays angry birds may have fun and try other apps and games and may open the door for more gaming so we shouldnt bash them. I think gaming is for everyone and consoles should have stuff for us and them. Vita def has the core gamers down but the casual stuff with broad appeal is missing for instance the 3ds has mario kart, prof layton, brain age, nintendogs and cats, marioland, and tons of girly, kiddy, and more casual adult stuff for everyone. Sony needs to advertise lbp, lbp karting, ps all stars, and other casual stuff becasue the core already knows about it and prob owns it or plans to. Commercials wont sell us theyre for the average person. A cod commercial would help immensely.
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metsgaming  +   1363d ago
Dont try to appeal to the casuals who play on their phones, it wastes resources that could be used for core games and it wont work. If that COD title doesn't bring in a "casual/dudebro" crowd nothing will, if it does then fine you got that crowd without having to waste resources. The only thing they should do is do alot of advertising for COD, and have a bundle with it but thats about it.
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Jag-T1000  +   1363d ago
If Sony was only a video game company they would be worried.Since they also make TVs, PCs, tablets, phones, etc....A little loss in the Vita won't hurt them. Nintendo had to cut the price because games is all they make.I'm gonna wait for a Vita bundle with a memory card and game for $180. Maybe thats what it'll cost in Xmas. It's the only way I will buy one. If the price doesn't go down then I won't miss out on much since every game for the Vita is a port from the PS3.
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Waddy101  +   1363d ago
I'm telling you now. It won't be $180 with a memory card by christmas there is no chance of that happening.
Whilst Sony do have other divisions there gaming division is the most profitable one and the one keeping it afloat whilst it's being hit hard financially in other areas.
1nsomniac  +   1363d ago
Why is it always the people who claim to be in the know & have done there research "The stats people" always get it so wrong!

No one wants a new casual gamer product we have those & if anyone is going to try & compete there not going to release a product that not only is more expensive hardware-wise but also EXTREMELY more expensive software-wise. If someone can buy great casual games for 69p or a lot of the time free then why would they ever even consider buying a 'casual' game for £40?
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smashcrashbash  +   1363d ago
No offense but I am kind of glad. The 'casual crowd' play some of the worst inane rubbish I have seen in the history of gaming. Sony caters to gamers and usually doesn't single out anyone like many people do. If you want to play their games they are there for people to play. They don't label this casual or that hardcore. For instance Sly Cooper. Is that for casual or hardcore? The answer is neither.

Also I find it funny how we are right back to the giving Sony advice about what to do and the 'VITA has no games', 'VITA is selling badly' and 'Sony should scrap the VITA' talk we spent years saying about the PS3. And the same advice about how no one would EVER want the Bluray and detailed speeches about when and why it will fail. I think that we would have long realized that Sony knows hundred times more about business then any gamer or journalist does.
StanSmith  +   1363d ago
"Also I find it funny how we are right back to the giving Sony advice about what to do and the 'VITA has no games', 'VITA is selling badly' and 'Sony should scrap the VITA' talk we spent years saying about the PS3. And the same advice about how no one would EVER want the Bluray and detailed speeches about when and why it will fail. I think that we would have long realized that Sony knows hundred times more about business then any gamer or journalist does."

It will happen to the PS4 too, just like it is happening to WiiU now and it happened to 3DS last year. It's just that they get more hits by spelling Doom and Gloom than writing Success stories.
GraveLord  +   1363d ago is Vita marketed towards casuals? I see the only thing mentioned in the article is the touchscreen lmfao.

@whoever wrote that article
The reason there isn't a memory card or game bundled with every Vita is because it would add to the already said "High price" you keep complaining about.

BTW, your article contains many grammar and spelling errors. There's too many for me to list here.
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StanSmith  +   1363d ago
"The reason there isn't a memory card or game bundled with every Vita is because it would add to the already said "High price" you keep complaining about. "

To be fair, Vita should have at least included a 4GB Card in the box due to some games requiring a memory card for you to play them. It wouldn't have hurt Sony to do that.
Redcrimson101  +   1363d ago
Ha ha wow, I agree with this article a 100%. everything said in this article is true. Sony going the way of sega is true and so funny! This is what Sony should do, drop the wifi vita to 170 and the useless 3G version to 180 or 200 bundled with a memory card. Then push more both first party and third party games to the system.
Redcrimson101  +   1363d ago
I'm looking at these comments and I can tell they're only a bunch of Sony fans trying to save the vita lol. Sony needs to drop the price significantly. Add a memory stick bundled with every system then release a bunch of original games!!! The bottom line is cost!!!

And no, Sony fans the vita does not have ps3 gfx lol
iceman06  +   1363d ago
Here is the situation. Nintendo IS the casual hot spot right now. Sony is very aware that they can't compete directly with that space. However, if they create a piece of tech that can eventually trickle down to the casual market, they will succeed. The Vita is just experiencing what most new consoles do. First adopters, which are the hardcore Sony fans, rush out regardless of price. Next, the fence sitters that save a couple of extra dollars and are waiting for "that one game" will purchase. Lastly, when the Vita hits that sales sweet spot, sales for Vita will pick up. PSP had a similar story...and look how it turned out.
BrianC6234  +   1363d ago
The Vita doesn't need the casual market. Plenty of console gamers want a powerful handheld. That's the Vita. Now they just need to release games. How about making the GTA games for the PSP work on the Vita? I'd like to play those games but gave up on them on the PSP. I hated the contros.
joeorc  +   1363d ago
psp GTA
Vice city stories And LCS both work with the PSVita both analog sticks and the resolution on both of the GTA PSP games have been increased.I have played both on my PSVita and with the analog sticks both play like you would be playing them on a living room game console.
nevin1  +   1363d ago
Is the PSN version of GTA VCS/LCS buggy?
BrianC6234  +   1363d ago
How do I get it from the Playstation Store? I don't see it.
Bowzabub  +   1362d ago
You want casual games? Go back to Facebook you non-gaming, industry crippling NOOBS!
joeorc  +   1361d ago
psp vice city stories and Lcs
"If you were wondering how to get them on the psvita"

If you bought the PSN copy just download it to your ps3 or PC and connect the psvita to your ps3 or PC and transfer the game over to your psvits you will need atleast a 4GB card in the psvita because VCS is 1.6 GB to store. If you have not purchased the PSP PSN ver. of VCS or LCS you will need to download the media go software for the PC in order to purchase LCS or VCS on your Account so you can transfer the full game over to your PSVita. The games are $20.00 usd.
once you purchase them you can download the games to your PC or PS3 to transfer remember if you are going to use the PC you will need the media go software and the PC connnection software for the PC to the PSVita.

As for if the games are buggy? No they both play better than they did on the PSP; have higher resolution and have a 2nd control stick that controls the game like the console ver. Also you can tweak filtering + there are less jaggies also since the screen is larger than the original. PSP's target's for guns is better than on the smaller screen.
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