So… What’s Going on With the Console Version of Diablo III?

Right now, the studio has its hands full ironing out the kinks with the PC release. Once the dust settles and angry fans put their pitchforks away, they’ll be able to devote more resources to making a final decision on whether the other half of the market will get to hunt down the demon hordes. One thing is for sure, though. They aren’t going to port it over unless they can do it right.

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shackdaddy2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

I would imagine out of all the consoles it would be the best on the Vita and WiiU simply because of the touch-screen...

Persistantthug2314d ago

There's been dozens of those types of games on various consoles through several decades.
Diablo 3's no different.

Ravenor2314d ago


Dunno what you've heard but Diablo isn't exactly always easy. The later difficulties just make the game silly eventually....point is, Diablo is a far more difficult game then Champions of Norrath or Dark Alliance.

Larry L2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

"Difficult" is subjective. Especially in this type of game in which knowing how to, or NOT to build your toon is the diference between decimating mobs and bossed in nightmare without even having to heal, and not even being able to beat the 2nd easiest difficulty without help from a buddy.

Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath are really no "easier" than Diablo. They use a slightly different formula though with a mana pool instead of cool down times. But that's really just a different formula that ends up with the same result. Return to Arm even had an "extra hard" difficulty for online players only. And online you know what there was? Tons of people with their toons at the level cap destroying Bosses with ease on the highest difficulty, grinding for that next piece of rare loot.

Do you not have that on Diablo? Toons at the level cap just blasting through "Nightmare" or whatever Diablo 3's equivilent is, grinding for that next piece of rare loot?

And if you want to talk about this kind of game on console that PC gamers would consider far more "deep" compared to Champions or Baulder's DA........Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. That's one of the deepest of these types of games I've seen and it plays better on consoles. The difficulty wasn't scaled back either. In whichever difficulty you're on, mobs are the same on PC and consoles. Sacred 2 is JUST like Diablo, except it's a HUGE open world. And toons go up to level 200!! It's also a cool down system. Full fledged multi-player, trading, marketplace....the whole bit.

Really a HIGHLY under-rated games for consoles. If you're a console a player and want Diablo, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel for PS3 or 360. The online's dead aside from dedicated players, but that's because no one's playing it or seems to understand that it's out there or how great it is. Get some friends together that want a Diablo experience and buy this game cheap so you can all play together online or on the couch. One of the greatest grinding games ever. The loot seems endless......and it has lightsabers.......and some VERY unique classes.

The point is.......Diablo 3 would be perfect on consoles, and very little would have to be changed. The only thing that obviously can't happen on consoles is the real money marketplace. And I predict that if it does come to consoles, history will show that just like Sacred 2 Fallen Angel this gen and Diablo 1 when it came to PS1 years ago, it will be quite arguable that the game is actually BETTER on consoles.

I've been a fan of this genre for as long as it's existed as I was a D&D fan before. And really, I have always prefered playing this genre on consoles. I have more fun when my toon is directly controlled with a left analog stick.

NeoTribe2314d ago

I don't get it.... touch screen would make it stupid... controller is the best method.

shackdaddy2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Have you guys even played diablo? It requires you to place spells in certain areas on the ground. You can't do that fast or accurate using just a controller. You need a mouse or a touch-screen.

If you used a controller, they would give you some sort of crosshair that starts out centered every time and you would have to move it over to the desired position every single time you want to use that spell. If you're fighting enemies and you need to cast a quick spell, then that's just out of the question...

Larry L2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Have we played Diablo?! I think the question is: Have you ever even bothered to play these types of games on a console. Spells and skills that have to be placed are not an issue at all on consoles.

It can be done like Dragon Age and some others, where when you cast a spell that has to be placed, the action pauses while you decide where to place the targeting area of effect.

Or it can be done how Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and a few others do, which is basically the same way it's done on PC. The action doesn't pause, and if it's a spell that can be placed you can either just tap the button and it will cast around your toon, or you can hold the button the skill is mapped to and while it's held the left stick moves the targeting area of effect and it's cast when you release the button.

Either way works fine. Why is it you think that doesn't work on a controller?

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chrisyoung04222314d ago

This could be interesting on a console.

browland12314d ago

As someone who doesn't own a gaming PC and is mainly a console gamer, I hope they do put the time and resources into making good console ports. The Witcher 2 proved that it can be done.

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Megaton2314d ago

It's obviously coming to consoles. Only has 4 skill hotkeys. Prepped and streamlined for D-pads everywhere.

Ravenor2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Waaaa waaaaa waaaa, it doesn't negatively effect the game. Get over it, and get over yourselves a developers design decisions don't jive with your ideas of what the game should be? Well stop the fucking presses, this is holocaust level shit here.

Trenta272314d ago

I think you should go eat some breakfast, dude.

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