38 Studios gives first look at 'Project Copernicus' with trailer

XMNR: Embattled 38 Studios released a trailer on Friday that gives us our first real look at its upcoming MMORPG PC game code-named Project Copernicus.

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NYC_Gamer2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

We need a MMO set in some Mad Max type of universe...Really had enough of all these bright style type of MMOs on the market....38 studios should let Todd McFarlane create something based on his original dark art...

mynameisEvil2076d ago

Well, there's Fallen Earth, which literally just dropped out and died yesterday with the introduction of the 2.4 patch (it's damn near completely empty, not even kidding).

There's also Grimlands, which is in closed beta at the moment.

Wish we had a larger selection than this. :/

GamingPerson2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

lol How about a street fighter mmo! We can run around and fight!

Really I just want World Of Darkness.. But I have to wit for them to get dust 514 out of their system.

I want an mmo like this!

Drake1172076d ago

Idk the art style in this trailer looks pretty cool and unique. Most games these days don't use enough colors, i'm actually getting tired of all the dark games. The art style of this def looks dif than wow or swtor or anything. This almost looks like the world was painted i love it. I just hope they make the combat and gameplay like KOAR because that would be amazing in an mmo. Hopefully the borderlands guys can do a Mad Max mmo or something, that would be fun.

Jreca2076d ago

Generic cartoon-fantasy MMORPG #over9000 incoming!

aPerson2076d ago

This could end up being really good. Can't wait to see some gameplay!

Merivigian2076d ago

Looks like Perfect World, look it up.

joab7772076d ago

With the financial issues, they had to release this now. I like it. I think macfarlanes art will look better on pc. Its there only choice now to finish it and release it. I wanna know how the fighting is. If its action, this may be something special.

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