Just Add Water Provides Updates For Stranger’s Wrath HD Vita, Munch’s Oddysee HD & More

Just Add Water has provided some new information about the status of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD for PlayStation Vita, in addition to providing some updates about the status of future Oddworld remakes. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2255d ago

It'll take them just over 2 months to port a PSN game to Vita?

Everyone should be doing this.

MasterCornholio2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Its actually not a surprise because this time around Sony has made a handheld thats extremely easy to develop for. Hopefully in the future these devs will bring other Oddworld games to the Vita because they seem like extremely fun games. Also i was listening to the interview with one of the devs on playstationblog podcast and it seems that they will add a bunch of neat features to the vita with pinch to zoom sniping the one that stands out.

BTW did you see the comments in the news about the Sly Cooper game for the Vita? It sickens me to see people complain about the port when the devs have stated themselves that it costed them little to no effort to port the game over. Honestly if every developer thats making a PS3 title ports it over to the Vita i wouldnt complain because theres plenty of studios producing games for the Vita exclusively.

doctorstrange2254d ago

It's like people don't want choice

stormeagle62255d ago

Wow I forgot Oddworld existed for like 5 years.

TheGamingArt2255d ago

I totally forgot they were doing this. Sweet! With a $10 price tag on the Vita.. it's a buy!

typikal822254d ago

Agree 100 %, I've been meaning to finish this game forever. Now that it would be portable, it's an instant rebuy.

Oaklnd2254d ago

Oddworld huh, its a good deal so I cant complain.

ginsunuva2254d ago

I emailed them about all this a few days ago. Maybe they gave a public update in response to my inquiries.

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