How NVIDIA GeForce GRID Will Change Video Games NVIDIA recently unveiled two new graphics technologies at the 2012 GPU Technology Conference: NVIDIA GeForce GRID and NVIDIA VGX. You're probably not familiar with either of these 'Cloud Computing' technologies, but in the next few years they'll develop to become quite commonplace. One day in the not so distant future, you could find yourself choosing between a NVIDIA GeForce GRID subscription or NVIDIA GeForce graphics card to play the latest high-end game. In this editorial I explore what these two new technologies offer, and how they will change the graphics industry.

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NYC_Gamer2252d ago

That service may be good for others but i'm sticking with buying my own hardware

F7U122252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

same here, I'd rather build my own system and have actual physical copies of my games.

chidesd2252d ago

yeah physical hardware FTW only way id us this is if I had a laptop with terrible specs

sovietsoldier2252d ago

when there is no lag in online games that's when i will rejoice!

ninjahunter2252d ago

I really cant see cloud gaming ever becoming a real thing, i mean sure theres onlive, but cmon, its basically useless with how much lag it has. I cant see Cloud gaming to ever become more than a smartphone thing.

badkolo2252d ago

i get that, but if those hurdles are completly fixed and the games look amazing and run well then im all in.

floetry1012252d ago

How can you not see cloud gaming becoming permanent? Do you realise how young the system is? Of course OnLive lags, it's one of the first known implementations of cloud gaming.

This idea by NVidia is ground-breaking, and likely to send the console market into a frenzy if they don't choose to compete.

GrumpyVeteran2252d ago

Yeah, cloud gaming just can't work. The lag really can't be fixed either since the commands that are sent from the player to the server and then streamed back to the player are already moving at light speed. (Ping for example, when you're playing online is data being sent at light speed. A ping of 200ms means it took 200 miliseconds for that data to get there, and it goes at light speed). So unless we get superluminal data transfer, cloud gaming will never be practical.

badkolo2252d ago

i should contact you for next weeks lottery numbers then grumpy. never say never as most likely cloud gaming will be perfected in the next 5 years.

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