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"My experience with Starhawk began with an intoxicating jet-bike ride through the space cowboy desert wasteland of a fringe world and ended with me hanging out in an online lobby and sharing complaints with Don Parsons, our head of PR...
...In the over 14 hours of time that I spent playing Starhawk online, the game modes of team deathmatch, capture the flag, and zones (a variation of capture-and-hold gametypes) devolved into some of the most unenjoyable multiplayer I’ve played in years."

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DJ2254d ago

It happens. *shrug* I still think it's a badass game.

RedDead2254d ago

The game can be great, it just depends on the players. ****ing campers

hennessey862254d ago

but 2/5 come on that is at least 2 points to low

modesign2254d ago

boo hoo, the game has campers, just like every other Multiplayer game, get over it.

arbitor3652254d ago

clearly a review written by someone who sucks at the game.

"devolved into some of the most unenjoyable multiplayer I’ve played in years. This is because of players exploiting the build and battle system as well as the incredible power of tanks and hawks."

most matches dont even allow tanks (thanks to the custom lobbies). and hawks are far from invincible. every element is balanced out by other elements, it is simply about having the aptitude to use them and to plan ahead.

also, "exploiting the build and battle system?" the "build and battle" system is the entire game. Starhawk is a strategy game before its an action game. if you weren't "exploiting the build and battle" system, than you were doing it wrong.

this is the most petulant, pathetically ill-informative review I have seen of the game. People, don't listen to this guy. Starhawk is not unbalanced. there are countless ways to play the game and as long as you have skill and tactical aptitude, you will do fine.

Neo Nugget2254d ago

Funny. I've developed some of the most memorable multiplayer memories playing this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.