The Great Diablo III Error 37 & Review Debate – Who’s Right & Who’s Wrong?

Diablo III has really put the other hateful video game topics to shame; in just three days it has spawned a 3.8 Metacritic user review score (with nearly 3,000 reviews), become an internet meme, and complaints of the game being too short as many have already beat it.

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vortis2320d ago

Great piece.

I thought it was pretty stupid how reviews (positive reviews) are already sprouting up for a game that's barely a week old and they're the typical fanboy glowing reviews.

I'm sorry but even after it took me forever to conquer GTA IV it took me several days to process it: what I liked and what I didn't and that in the end, it truly was an amazing experience, but not without its faults.

The sad reality is that for D3 there's this polarizing field where a lot of people are pissed at what Blizzard did and on the opposite side a bunch of people are defending Blizzard and saying it's a great game. I'm just worried about more games axing out offline single-player in favor of always-on DRM...that's not to mention the RMAH.

NeoTribe2320d ago

They clearly took the online only approach to safeguard from hackers ruining diablos online economy. They would of made starcraft2 online only if it was just to try and prevent piracy. Reason I believe there doin the right thing is because I've seen diablo 2 go from a great legit game to a hacked pointless piece of crap. Items went from being worth dollars to pennys.