Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda on broadening Kinect games to hardcore fans (interview)

Kudo Tsunoda is the creative director for Kinect games at Microsoft and chief cheerleader for the company’s motion-sensing system for the Xbox 360 video game console.

Kinect has been a hit with casual game players who otherwise might have been fascinated with the Nintendo Wii. But hardcore gamers are a big challenge for Tsunoda. After a year and a half on the market, Kinect is starting to appeal to hardcore game developers, who have taken a long time coming to terms with making Kinect titles.

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Pixel_Enemy2319d ago

Yeah he said the same thing at LAUNCH.

darthv722319d ago

it really depends on if the core gamer is willing to put down the controller to give a potential "core" kinect game a chance.

Its easier to mock than it is to actually be optimistic about something like kinect. Will there be core kinect titles? Depends on how an individual defines the term core.

There are some pretty hardcore farmville players out there. I know because I get their achievement updates on facebook from time to time. I combat them with trophy notifications. See how they like it.

BattleAxe2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Kudo Noobunoda

Brosy2319d ago

God I hate Kinect. MS had better not turn their focus too far from it's core audience or they will lose me as a customer. Which means Ill probably quit gaming because there is no way Ill game on a sony console.

NYC_Gamer2319d ago

Real hardcore MS fan huh?360 is at the end of its life span so don't expect new core exclusives...MS will be saving those for the new console that's coming out between 2013-2014..

StrongMan2319d ago

The PS3 is at the end of it's life span too but Sony is still releasing new core exclusives so why can't MS do the same?


The answer is within the question. MS isn't Sony.

While MS barelly do first party (and most 3rd party companies have moved away from exclusives by now), closed a lot of its studios and had moved focus a pretty good deal the moment Kinect was out, Sony still holds first party as it's selling point, have consistently released a dozen first party games every year from it's really long developers list and although supportive of Move, never really pushed it's own studios to focus into it to the extent MS did.

So chances are most core exclusives from now on will be on PS3 rather than on 360... Not that it have been any different in the last years.

Now, I'm not saying you'll be left to casual kinect crap in anyway. Multiplatform games will still hold to the popular current gen hardware even after the new consoles get released for at least six months to a year, they always do.

Considering that most 360 owner seen to be ok with relying more into 3rd party multiplatform quality core titles, I don't think you should be taking your pants off just yet, just don't expect much more Halo, Gears, and Forza beyond what we already know is on schedulle for current gen. 3rd party wise, something always appear, just don't go betting a ton of new stuff will drop by the end of the generation.

Next gen is a total different discussion. As all of the big 3 have now tasted the easy money from motion gimmicks and the casual crawd to some extant, we have to wait and see who won't fall for the trap on their next round. Remember to bring your popcorn.

Godmars2902319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

The thing is if they can get 2 casual gamers for every hardcore gamer like yourself they lose, they win in their mind. They can afford to blow you off.

The issue with Kinect is that, so far, its shown itself to work best with casual gaming and MS have sunk their whole attention into selling Kinect.

They've left themselves no wriggle room: instead simply making hardcore titles, they're finding way to incorporate Kinect into them. Even if such is pointless or has negative impact on the game.

Arnon2319d ago

Pretty sure it works just fine for augmenting the games I already own with motion controls, head tracking, specific voice commands, etc.

Works great for Mass Effect, Skyrim, Forza, Tom Clancy games, etc.

NastyLeftHook02319d ago


you like old tech then huh.

Rattlehead202319d ago

PS3 is old tech too ya know?

dcbronco2319d ago

The PS3 isn't old? Who are the people that believe it isn't. PCs have passed consoles ten times over. That means consoles are old. It time for both Sony and MS to move on. Continue to support the current gen, but offer new machines. And hopefully Nintendo isn't stupid and the Wii U is several times the power of the current generation.

user54670072319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

"Which means Ill probably quit gaming because there is no way Ill game on a sony console."

and this is why fanboys are not gamers in my eyes

How the hell can you call yourself a gamer and decide to quit just because you don't want to get your gaming needs from another console. I mean what gamer would ignore most of the best Games/franchises this gen Uncharted, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, inFAMOUS, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Resistance, a ton more coming up

Accept it...Sony are the only ones that still give a crap about core gamers. I mean what are you going to do, go crawling back to MS when they announce their new console and probably BS that it's for the core when it's probably for the casuals again.

TekoIie2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Post another comment! I need more Irony!!!!

Also if i may offer a suggestion to take a break from this site? Not trying to be insult you or anything but your posting something along the lines of 8 comments a day...

cstyle2319d ago

Quit bitching over a interview dude. Kinect isn't going anywhere. Neither are core games for the 360 or next xbox.

AusRogo2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Well , you're missing out on alot there, Fanboy. I own my 360 for gears and halo, but id love some more exclusives (core games, not kinect!) Which is why I game on ps3 more since Sony has been bringing out More new and original ips this gen, and they still give a shit about us core gamers. Real gamers wouldnt say they wouldnt game on a Sony console, real gamers would have both (if they can afford both). If you have the money, go out and invest in a ps3, you have a fair bit of exclusives to keep you playing for a while!

YodaCracker2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Brosy's comment is a great one. The hardcore PS3 fanboys of N4G could not figure out if they should agree or disagree with it. He bashed Microsoft and Kinect so their arrows darted to the Agree button right off the bat, but then they read the second part, with him vowing to never play a Sony console, and were torn with what to do. 20 agrees and 20 disagrees, LOL.

NiKK_4192318d ago

Ooooorrrrrr... Just as many "360 fanboys" agree with his statement as "PS3 fanboys" (really, it's anyone who has a clue because he sure doesn't) disagree with it.

I don't think the 360 is a bad console (because it's not), but I think it's stupid that someone could say such a thing and consider themselves a gamer.

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fossilfern2319d ago

I have no issues with kinect being used on casual games but it cannot replace a real controller for a proper "Core" game! The technology of the device is not good enough to do what people thought it was do.

xruiner892319d ago

This guy is an idiot, same guy who said no one plays FPS games on PC anymore..

SybaRat2319d ago

Start by not wearing your 3D glasses everywhere, Kudo.

lategamer2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

He has an eye condition. He has to wear shades to protect his eyes.

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