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GameInformer: "Tails spent his early Genesis days as Sonic’s co-op partner. Dedicated player twos across the world used the sidekick’s flight ability and invincibility to help the hedgehog exact revenge on Dr. Robotnik. Unfortunately, the two-tailed fox was always left choking on Sonic’s dust when things picked up speed, thus 2D Sonic co-op never felt truly balanced. For Sonic 4: Episode II, Sega attempts to create a compelling two-player experience whether you’re controlling Sonic or Tails. Thanks to the characters’ shared vitality and some egregious levels and boss fights, the end result is an awkward mess."

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StraightPath2279d ago

Complete idiots, after they got it right with 2D sonic parts inSonic Generations! Sonic 4 episodes are a disgrace. Sonic Generations should have been Sonic 4.

Vandamme212279d ago

I been playing it and I been enjoying it so much

BubloZX2278d ago

This game is an easy 9. Play it for your self StraoghtPath because it is not a 5

AusRogo2278d ago

Its not bad, I wish I did wait for it to go down in price or get it on special. Its more like a 7 or 8 really. Sonic Generations nailed the 2d performing better, way better.