GT Admit They Don't Turn On Full RGB On The PS3 For Comparisons

GT Admit They Don't Turn On Full RGB On The PS3 For Comparisons

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paul_war3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I assume they would want to make the games look the best they possibly could on their respecitve consoles. Using the best cables, settings etc.

How is this be sacrificing their integrity?

Edit: If this forum post is even true

JsonHenry3926d ago

Under what conditions is "Full" supposed to be turned on anyway? How should you know to turn on "full" and not leave it set to normal? Do they turn on the "expanded" option for the 360 when they do these tests?

pswi603926d ago

Originally Posted by DeusAmbrose
I'm curious about the Copy-Protected HD deal. If its true that the signal is blocked then I can understand at least to an extent. If it is the case they have no place doing these comparisons at all. Comparisons are intended generally to show something at its greatest potential. In a race, a runner doesn't jog more slowly because the other competition isn't capable. Thats complete bullshit.

If this whole HD signal blocked thing ends up being inconsequential to video games, and only applies to movies (which would make sense) then they need to answer for this outrage. I hate seeing injustice. The 360 was created with SD in mind, HD was an aftethought in response to the Playstation. Its design lends itself better to Standard Definition.

If the Playstation is capable of better visuals, but is hindered by puroseful handicap, then the comparison is unfair and void of credibility. Fanboyism aside, which I hope I am free of by saying I'm concerned mostly for the journalistic integrity here and not the Playstation in particular, I think this is outrageous and the equivalent of some carnival/tabloid ranting lie and is nothing but a medium to increase ratings and forum posts.

The fact that they've taken notice isn't enough penance. Either make the comparisons faithful to full potential, or don't make them at all. For christ sake.

MasterChief28293926d ago

No they use the standard setting because it looks fine through component, the expanded setting is pretty much for VGA people.

HowarthsNJ3926d ago

Most of these sites have debug units to run review code so that excuse is not valid.

Not sure what options 360 debug units have. They may not have HDMI at all unless they were changed out for newer versions.

BrianC62343926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

This is really stupid. Maybe they should do a little work and show gamers how to best set up all three consoles. I'm sure all of them have some settings that might help things look or sound better. Or just run better. Instead they're taking the lazy way out. I'd like to see someone do a report on what a lot of the settings mean and if they help. And if they help on old standard TVs.

Who is the idiot who disagreed with me? How can anyone disagree? All I said was they should do some research and tell us how to optimize all three consoles. Anyone who clicked disagree on that is a moron.

s1lens33926d ago

They should say what tv are they using, cables, and settings. That should be a real comparison.

Howler94433926d ago

Actually, I understand where this guy from GT is coming from. I mean, "Joe User" isn't necessarily going to be tweaking his console's settings. I know thats pretty general and a lot of us do tweak. But the common user doesn't really know or care that much. They just want to play the game and therefore "out of the box" is probably the best way to do the comparison for all consoles.

WE know how to get the best picture out our respective consoles. But most do not

With that said, perhaps they should take the time to do a second comparison that shows what the games look like when the settings are tweaked. I would go so far as to create a FAQ explaining what is happening and refer to that FAQ from the comparisons.

Just my two cents, which over the course of time has deflated, to a whopping $0.00002 and is therefore worthless! LOL!

TANOD3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

X360's default setting is FULL RGB

PS3's default setting is PARTIAL RGB

This is why PS3 games AT DEFAULT settings look washed out when compared to x360's ones

well Darkness,Oblivion looked better on PS3 even at PARTIAL setttings

X360 doesnt allow you to change from FULL ---PARTIAL / VICE VERSA

X360 doesnt even have HDMI 1.3.

On the other BARELY any ps3 owner uses RGB rather than an HDMI cable(1.3 supported).

ANY MULTIPLAT games looks better on PS3 because of HDMI 1.3 support

What a shame for GT?

another MS moneyhats like 1up and Gamespot

@jason henry BELOW

there is nothing to do with the WHITE setting

On ps3 just change your setting of VIDEO INPUT ---> RGB ----> change from PARTIAL to FULL RGB

On X360 there is nothing like that

*************************Howe ver ALL MULTIPLAT games LOOK BETTER ON PS3 since PS3 supports HDMI 1.3

a PS3 game on HDMI 1.3 looks much better than any x360 game on HDMI 1.2

JUST to let you know that there are a few X360 models (including elite and the new premiums) that actually has an HDMI port

what is the point of having HDMI port if it doesnt support HDMI 1.3

no x360 cannot change from FULL to PARTIAL and vice versa

there is just a single setting on X360.

X360 doesnt support HDMI 1.3 . Any GAME MULTIPLAT on PS3 looks wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than the x360 counterpart on ANY SETTING feturing HDMI/COMPONENT/RGB

jason henry aka jason 360

just stop with your WHITE/BLACK bullcrap

x360 is an inferior console and hence all multi games look inferior on it

GAMESRADAR agrees with us on this. GT is irrelevant cuz they are BUSTED

@the BOT below

all HD TVs support RGB FULL

I repeat

all HD TVs support RGB FULL (RGB is not used to output 1080p. It is confined to 1080i/720p ONLY) RGB doesnt support 1080p for GAMES as WELL AS MOVIES

some SD TVs support RGB full

X360's default setting :- RGB full . downscales automatically to PARTIAL on SD TV

PS3's default setting :- RGB pARTIAL . cannot automatically upscale to FULL and has to be done manually

HWOEVER all PS3 models support HDMI 1.3

no x360 model support HDMI 1.3

ANY MULTI GAME on HDMI 1.3 looooks milessssss better than the x360 counterpart.

MEANING ----ALL MULTI GAMES at optimal settings look better on PS3

JsonHenry3926d ago

Yes you can change your reference level on the 360. I have to do it when I use a computer monitor as my screen because the Monitor has a different white default reference level than my LCD TV.

You should not have to change it (on either console) unless you need to change the reference level because of the TV/monitor you are using has as its default white reference level.

joevfx3926d ago

your TV supports RGB Full. not all TVs do.

SlappyMcTaint3926d ago

What bafoon buys a PS3 or 360 and doesn't optimize the settings for his own personal setup? Fcking morons!

GT: "we just leave the resolution at 480, HD is for pu$$ies."

Xbox is the BEST3926d ago

360 has RGB?

The Killer3926d ago

that GT dont uses good settings for ps3 when comparing it with 360!

FamilyGuy3926d ago


That's a lie, neither system starts in HD so it has to be changed from "default" for the start. They're changing settings just to play on the "same cabling". -_- L

TheSadTruth3926d ago

Tanod obviously doesn't get out much.

sloth4urluv3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Owning niether system the only thing these comparisons have showed me is that both versions of the games previewed were usually identical. I always knew that the washed out could be either be compinsated for on the PS3 or on the tv itself. Only thing I looked for in the comparisons were missing details (like trees and stuff in the background) and dips in frame rate. Shaders may sometimes look slightly different because during porting they had to be re optimized to work for the specific hardware, but really thats the only differences your going to see in multiplats.
Even without optimization unless you are playing the games side by side your not going to notice or be dissapointed.

No point at trying to find differances in geometry or textures, no point in any developer changing an asset for a already completed game, only thing that needs to change is the engine that runs the game.

Onto the HDMI 1.3 rants.
even if you recorded the 360 using component and the PS3 using HDMI 1.3 your not going to see a differance on a GT HD 480P compressed comparison video.
While obviously a pure digital signal has its benifits, just like the comparisons your only really going to notice the differances if you have two tvs side by side.
For example at work I have two 19" LCDs one is connected to vga and the other DVI (same exact thing as HDMI) and honestly I can barely tell the differance, the vga is slightly fuzzier, but is only relly noticable at text, looking at a picture or something like that its extremly difficult to tell them apart.

Bottomline no real reason to be mad at game trailers, its not like they are claiming that a certian version looks better.

Fanboys are gay and will always see extra detail on their system that really isnt there.

BTW decided to say something before some uninformed fanboy decided to argue with me about DVI and HDMI. Remove the audio layer from HDMI and you have the same exact thing, while the protocols may vary its like sending a BMP in a RAR or a ZIP file the end result is the same exact thing. Analog methods like component or VGA would be comparable to send the image as a jpeg instead.

Blackfrican3926d ago

By this logic they would also film PS3 with default composite cables.

I do not understand Sony. When i bought my PS3 off a guy, i thought he screwed me over and kept the HDMI cable. Then to find out that it comes with composite I realized who truly screwed me over. HDMI cables are not expensive.

The instructions for optimizing your screen are horrible in box and online.

For a system with an HD format, and supposedly the best High def graphics in games is it not a bit insulting to un-box your composite cable?

Tru_Blu3925d ago

Buried but I have tried full off and full on. Full on is way better, at least for me. I've read some say it's better to turn it off on, It depends on the TV. The colors 'POP' much better for me with it on.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3926d ago


There you go 360ers, read it for your self.

now run along kiddies and continue on w/ your horrible week.

rofldings3926d ago

rofl, some guy on the GT forums posted this picture:

CRIMS0N_W0LF3926d ago

I take original Doom over COD4!

Also nice avatar :P I see you changed it. Is it same person?

Asain Women FTW!

bababrooks3926d ago

great pics rofldings..........looks like a cod4(360) v resistance fall of man(ps3) comparison. j/k

TANOD3926d ago

well even on a FULL RANGE RGB the comparison is still not VALID.

All PS3 models support HDMI 1.3

a few X360 models support BUT ONLY and TILL HDMI 1.2

so any multiplat game would look better on PS3

GT----shame on you. MS moneyhats

Michael Jackson3926d ago

hahaha! lol at that pic. seriously that made me life. nice find rofldings

InYourMom3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

That was the funniest thing I've read all day. It does look like COD4 vs Resistance..

Go on and keep making excuses for your console Sony cry babies. Despite what the wacko group on here thinks, GT is respected as the most reliable game comparisons on the net.

wallace10003926d ago

@rofldings That picture is sweet, i laughed my ass off. TANOD we don't need the microsoft conspiracy theories, they aren't paying people off to give bad reviews or make sure settings are tweaked!

Pain3926d ago

Busted like this guy!

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CrazzyMan3926d ago

GT did LAME thing, instead of showing BEST image they could get from BOTH systems, they just show default.

This good for CASUALs, but NOT for GAMERs.

dantesparda3926d ago

Hey can someone do a "Super-white" comparsion? cuz i cant see any difference between the 2 settings on it. Maybe its my TV cant do it (I have a Samsung LN-T3753H)

Neurotoxin3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Why not put the most optimal settings on for BOTH systems and see how the comparisons come out? That would sort out most of the arguments in the comments of GT.

It seems to me they like to create a fanboy battleground when there is a compromise which would not undermine either system.

:EDIT: Who is approving this rubbish, it might not even be true.....

titntin3926d ago

Surely the whole point of a comparison video is to show how good each game can look? The forum also sheds light on the fact that videos from the different formats are compresed seperately - with what looks like different settings, before they are then editted together and recompressed for the web.
This clearly means that when you are watching a split screen, you can have more video artifacts on one side of the comaparison than on the other.
Whichever machine this favours, it clearly shows thas such comparison videos are not worth the time it takes to watch them.
If you really want to know what the games look like on their respective formats, the best way is to go to atrusted retailer to view a demo..

Howler94433926d ago


LJWooly, he didn't quite catch you on your grammer. While it does appear that starting a sentence with a conjunction is an American idiosyncrasy, that doesn't mean that its totally incorrect either.

Please refer to the following link.

Basically, it appears that while not the best solution, it is acceptable for "informal" writing, while formal documents should avoid the practice of starting a sentence with a conjunction at all times.

I hope this helps. I only mention this because I was curious on the correctness of the usage as well.