Team GT Academy Competing at the Nürburgring 24hr This Weekend with Kazunori Yamauchi

12 months after he scored a class victory for Schulze motorsport, Gran Turismo founder Kazunori Yamauchi returns to the Nürburgring 24hr race but this time he has another famous Gran Turismo name accompanying him.

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wenaldy2281d ago

The only dev who loves professional racing and creating racing sims. Yamauchi is legit.

n4gisatroll2280d ago

Ya for sure, he loves cars first and foremost. That's how I am too, so for me GT is more of a lifestyle tha game, if that makes sense.

hardcorehippiez2281d ago

yea you can feel his passion for the sport in the games he creates. am loving the gt academy 2012 so far . trying to shave off those milliseconds is incredible