Dust 514 - Welcome to New Eden, Part 1

IGN: "An entire universe rumbles with war. See how that war came together, and where it's going, in the first part of this behind-the-scenes vid."

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raytraceme2284d ago

Wow this game is looking better and better as time progresses. I cant wait for this game. To me this might be the fps that can last for a few years. This game also looks like the battlefield version of halo :D

Fylus2284d ago

Well seeing as the skill tree is supposed to take 7ish years to master, I will have to agree with you.

StraightPath2284d ago

could this be the most wanted Halo game for PS3? Hope this takes off and not empty or low player count lobbies ps3 exclusives have been know for as everybody just plays COD.

Game looks really interesting.

Virtual_Reality2284d ago

This is not a Halo with meaningless stats and matches.

This DUST 514, an expansion of EVE as a FPS game. Where even a single bullet counts to topple an empire.

ExPresident2284d ago

Really exited for this game. Hoping to get in on the BETA.

NastyLeftHook02284d ago

if they bring a beta i will do a jumping jack.

MYSTERIO3602284d ago

looks like a great game a shame thought that they haven't tablet a release date yet

kostchtchie_2284d ago

if they can get the gun mechanics right in this game, it will be biggest thing for ps3 ever in terms of shooter link via pc space mmo

The_Nameless_One2284d ago

Wouldn't this game be the first one to connect two games of different genre into a single persistent universe?

I wonder. If they make this work and get the shooting mechanics right CCP might pull off the biggest thing to come to consoles this generation. Can you imagine a "Burn Jita" event with coordinating ground and aerial troops on two separate games and on two separate platforms.

kostchtchie_2284d ago

the gun mechanics and how they feel will be the main big key to success i believe, everything else i reckon they have on lock down from weapons/armor/vehicles customizations to build Merc corporations

as for burning jita to the ground hell yes brother i am there with you i hate that shithole when i played eve, i may even login my eve account and give my psn player few million isk to build my stuff with :P

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