E3 Official Mobile App Coming Out this Monday

E3 offiical mobile app is reported to hit the iTunes store on Monday 5/21.

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DeletedAcc2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Can i watch it with my iphone3g ( cause its not the latest iphone version ^^)? If not: pshome .. Yeaah ^^

NBT912317d ago

I imagine it will just send push notifications on conference starting times or something of the sort.

FPSWin2317d ago

If you have Internet connection, then u can watch it live on their main website on low settings

Zeeraq2317d ago

"Fear not Android, Blackberry & other web-enabled phone users: The App will be available for you as well. Check back Monday for more info!"e3expo wrote on their twitter.

MySwordIsHeavenly2316d ago

Oh, thank you very much for the follow-up. :) Bubbles, mate!

KwietStorm2317d ago

Of course, once again, "mobile app" means available for iTunes.