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GameInformer: "Dragon’s Dogma is one of those rare “have your cake and eat it, too” games, where the inspired designers take elements from several different genres and mash them together. In this case, open-world RPGs and hack-and-slash action games are the source materials. It’s not perfect, but its arsenal of unusual party mechanics and combat flourishes make it worthy of any virtual sword-swinger’s time."

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OcelotRigz2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

This is so surprising for me.
When i downloaded the demo, i played a few minutes and turned it off because, simply put, i thought it was shite, the lack of interest was also probably because of the fact that i didnt really hear about this game when i downloaded the demo, i was just bored at the time. The fact Capcom made it didnt help either.

Then i seen some high praising previews on here, that was surprising enough but got me interested enough to look up some gameplay vids on youtube and man was i surprised at what i saw, it looked brilliant.

I usually know what games to keep an eye on and what not, but this came out of nowhere for me. And now i'm seeing shining review after review.
Im kinda backed up now with Max Payne, Demon Souls (then Dark Souls) and Battlefield, but this game will definitely get me by the summer till the games start hitting.

kostchtchie_2319d ago

you can also share your npc helpers with other people online ocelot, they gain special abilities as people use them , this game is day one for me, cannot wait

OcelotRigz2319d ago

See, even after watching the vids on youtube, as great as it looked i was kinda worried that it would lack in content but ive since heard of the variety in classes, the huge variety in monsters, weapons and upgradable stats, the huge explorable map and now this, i didn't know about that.

Really itching to get my hands on it.

kostchtchie_2319d ago

nice to see person, totally back turn when they get some decent Intel from good sources, i was like you at first also, but it was more the player + AI helpers and why did not go with co-op, but after playing the demo i was hooked, specially when hanging of the griffin flying about in mid air fighting hah..

problem with some games, they are little gems that people tend pass over, demon souls was same when it first come out, i imported that day 1 from hong kong after watching the e3 debut

anyway it got to be worth least try i figure :)