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Edge: "To the disinterested, Diablo III’s another game about hitting monsters and looting their corpses. Such a characterisation misses the wider point, however. It’s also the best game about hitting monsters and looting their corpses that has yet been made."

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fermcr2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

It's a good game, but no way in hell it deserves a 9. A game with a 9 or 9+ has to be a great game, Diablo 3 is not. I would give something between 7 and 8.

kevnb2199d ago

it is great, and considering what passes for a 9 these days id give it 10.

pr0digyZA2199d ago

Your opinion it doesn't deserve a 9. My opinion it deserves a 95 and is great, edge opinion it deserves a 9 and is great.

NeoTribe2199d ago

Seeing as many crap games get 9's and 10s (mass effect and enslaved) this game should get a 11/10. Legendary dungeon crawler.

Psychonaughty2199d ago

This game is easily 9/10, I'd probably give it more, the more I play it the more quality I realise it is.