Sly Cooper Coming To The Vita, Playstation All-Stars And LittleBigPlanet Karting Next?

This morning, Sony announced that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time would be coming to the Playstation Vita when the game launches this Fall. With no prior rumours or hints, this came as quite a shock, but it also begs the question, will Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale and Little Big Planet Karting come to the Vita as well?

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BringingTheThunder2256d ago

i hope so. the vita needs a non-port fighter that doesn't suck

Hisiru2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Another PS3 port? I think we need some original games for Vita (like Loco Roco/Patapon etc on PSP). I love the Sly Cooper series but I will obviously buy it for my PS3.

Well, This year's E3 will probably bring some original vita titles.

I agree, it's not a bad thing, I am not really complaining. I think the problem is that I am impatient for a new Loco roco/Patapon and it would be amazing on vita because of all the new gameplay elements (and display) on the system.

BringingTheThunder2256d ago

they'll come down the line but the more vita games the better

remanutd552256d ago

now that we know Sly Cooper will be coming to the little system with cross save platform , i think Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and Little Big Planet Karting are perfect games for cross platform play. make it happen sony

TrendyGamers2256d ago

Yeah, it just makes sense.

xursz2256d ago

I'm a little bit skeptical to be honest but wouldn't that be awesome. I could play against my bro from my Vita while he's in the other room on the ps3. Now that I think about it they NEED to make this happen!

People complain about Vita having "ports" (of games that aren't even out yet) but I see this as nothing but positive, the more console quality I get on the go the better. :D

TrendyGamers2256d ago

Yeah, the more quality Vita games, the better.

mushroomwig2256d ago

Let's hope so, having more of a choice isn't exactly a bad thing.

thehusbo2256d ago

All 3 should be on both vita and ps3 with fully functional cross play functions. Sony has to make this happen! It would work so well on these games, plus it would really help the vitas sales over the holidays.