Renders of Bad Company

EA and DICE release about fifteen renders of the characters of Battlefield: Bad Company. The game is planned to be released next march on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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iNcRiMiNaTi3906d ago

this game was supposed to come out this year but i could be wrong

decapitator3906d ago

It has been dated for this year but with all the shooters coming out this year but nothing has been released about it though.

It makes one wonder though , with all the recent news that is coming out, I would not be surprised if it was coming out sooner than earlier.

decapitator3906d ago

Aye.. I see you a fun.


I can't wait to replay the whole MGS1 level in LBP...

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eyeballpauluk3906d ago

to me saying next march means the next one to come which is 2008...but I know my mum and wife both use it for the following! which would mean 2009...hmmm....god knows lol

mighty_douche3906d ago

~Its out in 2 monthes! i think its slightly late to be showing off Renders.

Id rather see some shoots of the multiplayer maps, or weapons, anything really.

Kleptic3905d ago

I doubt it makes it out in 2 months dude...I would love for it to...but my guess is late 2008...

this is EA...and like Activision...EA will be pushing all kinds of videos and screenshots leading up to release...remember how much stuff was released for CoD 4 the few months prior to release?...I would expect something like that...

without one will even know about it...this is a franchise that has remained PC noteworthy for the most part (I know there are console versions, but they didn't have anywhere near the impact as other high profile shooters have...such as CoD as an example)...

either way...can't wait...the fire and volumetric animated smoke effects are second to none right now (that video with the dude sitting there with a huge out of focus plume of fire and smoke in the background...awesome)...

sak5003906d ago

The story must be from last year or the Bad company is delayed till 2009. I hope its teh former.

perseus3906d ago

I want this game more than I've wanted any game since GTA3.

I'm going to be the guy that blows up every destructible object in the map before I even start shooting at other people.

I apologize. I'm going to be that guy.

Seriously. I'm sorry.

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