The Top Five Best Sonic the Hedgehog Games (

What are the best Sonic games out there? counts down their favorites.

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Hellsvacancy2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I didnt mind Sonic Generations, i bought it for my 4 year old daughter, she LOVED the demo, but the full game was a little hard, it was even too hard for me, i dont mean hard as in i couldnt do it, it was too fast and mental for me, some of the boss battles where silly but overall a fun game, i only paid £17 (new) when it launched

TopDudeMan2315d ago

2 was not the best. I actually think all the other games on that list were better than 2.

Sonic 3 + Knuckles was the best. Didn't think much of Sonic CD, myself.

Mind you, I expect no less from a website who does top 5 lists on 5 different pages...

miyamoto2314d ago

Sonic the Hedgehog for Mega Drive.