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FanBolt writes: "Starhawk certainly brings a unique feature to its gameplay. That's the ability to build and battle on the playing field. Whether you are playing online or in a single player campaign, building structures is not only important to the game, but it is the game."

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detroitmademe2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

"Unfortunately for me I was not the biggest fan of the gameplay. The overall character movements are too loose, which means that you can dance your way to an enemy and knife him."

Thats how its meant to be played,Starhawk is a fast paced game,it plays much faster than a game like uncharted or battlefield. characters have to be able to change direction swiftly to avoid danger,this is not a cover&shoot type of game its an arcade shooter.The rifle in the game isnt designed to kill someone in 2 or 3 shots.In most shooters ur usually gonna spend most of ur time in ground combat as a foot soldier,not the case for starhawk.u may find urself on the ground then spawn a hawk ,fly to the enemy base,land, shoot some baddies in mech mode,jump out the hawk,shoot someone with a rocket launcher,grab the enemies flag, spawn a jet-bike and head back to ur homebase all in about 15 seconds.

FanboltGaming2281d ago

I completely understand that and agree with you on that. However, for those instances of when I am not in a hawk and I find myself in a ground combat situation, I want to have a much better experience when it comes to the feel and control of that ground combat situation. I tend to find myself in those situations quite a bit as well. I get the need to be able to get yourself out of hot situations, especially with the things you have to go up against, but it's simply not as smooth as it could be. That's just my opinion though and I completely respect and understand anyone who may think otherwise.

dragonyght2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

How to own the ground as a foot soldier

1.triangle to open the build n battle wheel drop a supply bunker or head into one
2.armed yourself to the teeth with shotgun, grenade and rocket launcher
3. Head to a jetpack station pick one for "Oh shit" situation

There you have it these are the 3 step to survive any encounter (hot situations)

Congratulations you just rank up from a noob the decent starhawk player

(Bonus).drop a sniper for sniper rifle.

Gl and have fun:)

BabyTownFrolics2281d ago


I love the game myself but voicing any negatives about it here on N4G (where the ps3 is king) wont lead to a meaningful discussion, just disagrees and people shouting how much you suck. There are a handful of issues that I trust the devs will sort out over time, but I agree with you that there are some elements that could use some fine tuning.

Hicken2281d ago

I'm not sure I get the "smooth" aspect that seems to be missing, honestly. Ground combat is frantic; I tend to feel like any given encounter has a 50/50 chance of me coming out on top. Granted, I HAVE fallen prey to a connection issue or two, but by and large, I feel it's pretty balanced and intense.

@BabyTownFrolics: if the PS3 was king, why are there so many more articles bashing it submitted and approved? And why are there so many so-called PS3 fanboys who have far less than their 360 counterparts?

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