Snake, Drake and Cole Confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

IGN: A few weeks ago, Infamous 2 voice actor Eric Ladin Tweeted that he was back in a motion capture suit and doing more work as Cole, the game's hero. When he confirmed it wasn't for another Infamous game, we all jumped to the conclusion it was for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Today, he's confirmed it -- along with the fact that Metal Gear Solid's Snake and Uncharted's Nathan Drake are in the game. Or he's just trolling everyone.

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Emilio_Estevez2166d ago

I guess someone didn't get an NDA yet, or he didn't read it.

OllieBoy2166d ago

Or maybe he really is trolling

But I doubt it.

miyamoto2165d ago

Sonic might be there too.

dark-hollow2166d ago

actually snake case is very interesting.

in one hand, the whole main sequels of MGS got released on the playstation platform while nintendo only got a few. snake is far more releated to the playstation platform.

and on the other side, hideo himself begged sakurai to include snake in the next SSB. nintendo refused at first but because hideo is a good friend of sakurai he managed to include snake anyway.

Hisiru2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

We have to understand that it's not Hideo Kojima's call/decision (lack of support for other platformrs), but yes, I do think it's wierd (snake in SSB but no metal gear for nintendo platforms).

cpayne932165d ago

@Hisiru metal gear has been on nintendo platforms, mgs twin snakes and the 3d remake on 3ds.

StanSmith2165d ago

How did cpayne93 get disagrees? lol what he stated was a fact!

Anyway, not only can I have Snake kick the crap out of Zelda, he can now whoop Cole! Can't Wait!

Ilovetheps42165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

And cpayne, don't forget that Metal Gear and Snake's Revenge were on the NES. That was before the Playstation brand even originated.

cpayne932165d ago

@Iluvtheps3 AND the gameboy color, it had a mgs game too. I forgot about that one. Not sure why I got disagrees tho.

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showtimefolks2165d ago

well drake will be there
cole will be there

and snake should be there and most likely 98% he is there also

ThatArtGuy2165d ago

David Hayter could be playing Big Boss and not Snake...

MaxXAttaxX2164d ago

It could be either one.
Big Boss is the original Snake(Naked Snake). Then there's Solid Snake.

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GraveLord2166d ago

Obviously Drake will be in the game.
Cole was already semi-confirmed.

The real news here is that Snake might be in the game. He's also in SSBB....

h311rais3r2166d ago

If he is in it more than likely will be old snake.

Nimblest-Assassin2165d ago

I wonder how Snake n Drake will play (love how they rhyme)

Cole, I can kind of invision, but am interested to see how Snake n Drake will play

I will lol, if Drakes super is that where ever he goes, something blows up or is destroyed

sikbeta2166d ago

YES! Drake was obvious, Cole has to be in the game now that is in a fighting game and Snake being such an important character must be in the game, can't wait!

Cosmit2165d ago

Can't wait to be able to play as Cole! I love me some electricity!

WesMcLaren2166d ago

The fact that he mentions Nolan North could mean much more than just Drake.

belal2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

So true, he is in almost every game !

CaitSith2165d ago

Lmao, fight as Desmond!





BubloZX2165d ago

They should put Shadow the hedgehog in their game. If brawl gets Sonic the this game should get Shadow the hedgehog in theirs. Hey if they confirmed him he'd be the first black guy in the game lol. Maybe they could get Afro samurai in there too. That was one bad dude.

Whitefeather2165d ago

I'd rather they put Emmett from Starhawk.

BubloZX2165d ago

Oh yeah I haven't played Starhawk yet. How is that game? I was hoping to pick it up this week

MaxXAttaxX2164d ago

I doubt Shadow. But Knuckles would be cool.

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CaptainSheep2166d ago

Can't wait to see how Cole is in this game! Gonna main him, Drake and Sackboy (if he's in).. :D

Rhezin2166d ago

going to be colonel radec, just like I was Jill from Res Evil in MVC2. She had a lot of ranged attacks as well.

Ethereal2166d ago

I am hoping for Old Snake! Either way this is good news but we all knew they would be in it.