Max Payne 3 Comes Fully Locked And Loaded And Is A Game You Don’t Want To Miss | GameBlurb

Gameblurb writes, "It seems wherever Max is, trouble always finds him, but honestly that necessarily isn’t a bad thing for us gamers out there."

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DankJemo2198d ago

Reading this review almost makes me regret waiting for the PC version... Almost...

beerkeg2198d ago

I'm waiting. I know I'd regret it if I didn't, some games are best played on pc, in my eyes anyway.

OccludedGamer2198d ago

Well I wouldn't over worry. This game actually looks really good on a console anyway. Often I will choose to wait it out for the PC version, but in this case I didn't feel the benefits would be as huge. There's a lot of visual fx being overlaid onto the screen at most times so often the graphical benefit will be hidden.

That said bullet time would work a lot better with a mouse. It's also a pretty good game so far (1 hour in)

beerkeg2198d ago

Thanks for your opinion OccludedGamer, I'll call you OG if I talk to you again lol. Yeah I doubt the visual differences would be amazingly different but there's quite a few people I know who will have this on pc when it comes out so it goes further than the graphics side of things.

Hope you enjoy it dude. Let me know what you think of it.

PattHpapong2198d ago

man that hole in the face looks sick!

Trenta272198d ago

The game is truly amazing. The engine is incredible.

ShaunCameron2198d ago

I still can't get that favela scene out of my head. R* Vanouver nailed it down perfectly.