Black Ops II Multiplayer Being “Stripped Back To The Core,” Zombies No Longer a Mini-Game

MP1st - Treyarch talks about bringing Black Ops II’s multiplayer back to the basics and hints at a much bigger zombies mode, including competitive game modes.

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Hufandpuf2286d ago

"It can be tough to stray from the current winning multiplayer formula that millions of CoD fans have come to know and love, but Treyarch seems bent on “challenging some long held assumptions,” according to OXM. Treyarch explains that this time around, the multiplayer is being “stripped back to the core,” most likely meaning that they are going to be building the multiplayer from the ground up, rather than adding on to what is already established"

Ladies and gentleman, I think I've lost all of my hate for Treyarch.

Chitown712912286d ago

I told people this when the Black Ops 2 trailer first hit......Minus the graphics still looking outdated, Treyarch is actually trying to save the COD franchise, and their ideas sound good so far.......Im supporting it, it will be the first one I've considered buying since 4

Urrakia342286d ago

I fail to see how Treyarch is trying to "save" the franchise when it's not even dying in the first place.

guitarded772286d ago

They should just strip the online back to CoD4:MW... but that ain't gonna happen.

Chitown712912286d ago

@Urrakia34: Dude I'm talking about saving it from being a rehash every iteration......that is all. I love Call of Duty actually, but no one can deny the fact that its repetitive.........Each one is basically the same. But regardless of whether or not its repetitive (which pretty much no one can avoid) , its still a great overall package. Just my 2 cents

F7U122286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

If I do decided to get it I'll buy it used and only for the zombies. Their MP is total rubbish and the hit detection is assed out.

elmaton982286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Hey guys I was thinking that since everyone want a cod4 so badly why not make a cod4 mode so everyone can enjoy and make the rest of the game as the developer want 2 then that would make it fair for everybody.

DeadlyFire2286d ago

Well Urrakia. CoD has been challenged by BF 3. Treyarch has to do something to challenge the other side as well. If not then it will look as if Activision gives up. It looks like Treyarch is in line to replace Infinity Ward as main Call of Duty developer and Activision is giving them full freedom to do what they want with the series.

I like the ideas towards new knifeing system, zombies, bigger maps, and change to SnD mode. I am suspecting more of a "Rush like" SnD mode. E3 reveal of this stuff?

ilikestuff2285d ago

i agree with guitarded, bring back what made cod great, which was cod 4

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TekoIie2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Nice to see someone taking risks even if they're minimal. I'm interested in this different ending stuff personally. Treyarch put a lot of effort in black ops campaign with a different (but not spectacular) story.

But now MP?!?!? Make me proud Treyarch!

Muffins12232285d ago

We will see when it comes out...

BALLARD322285d ago

Prepare to be disappointing. It's not unheard of for these devs to say these kinds of things every year. We'll see how you feel after the game is out.

Hufandpuf2285d ago

That's what reviews are for. You thought I was going to buy a COD game day 1? Pfft.

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GraveLord2286d ago

I never viewed the Zombie mode as a mini-game. Quite the opposite actually. I actually never played it as much as I wanted to since matches take so long when you have a good team.

Now when I try and go back to play it, I get the host quitting and stuff.....since BO2 will be using the multiplayer engine I hope this means host migrations will be coming as well and I hope people can join mid-game.

ardivt2286d ago

I just hope they make big zombie survival maps where matches can take even longer

Ken222286d ago

Here's an idea remove aim assist and don't punish the good player's like the retards over at IW.

trenso12286d ago

they don't use death streaks in there games so i don't see that really being an issue. i just hope they don't implement it.

Sony3602285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Removing the aim assist would be enough for me. Get rid of all those "trick-shotters" who were made to look better than they are.

Oh and please remove the broken, over-powered knifing.

WeskerChildReborned2286d ago

I'll believe it when i see it and an 8 player Zombies co-op sound's pretty good if it's true.

slaton242286d ago

i would also like to see a night and day version of all multiplayer maps with night vision goggles, with some steet lights and fires to show some visual light in the night levels or a full moon

TekoIie2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Or an eclipse???? That would look pretty swanky :3

torchic2286d ago

night map + Call of Duty = a camper's dream

I don't know how many times I've been killed by a camper in a dark corner especially on Black Ops. it was so prominent for some reason. night maps with dark corners and ghost pro? lots of raging ahead :)

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