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At the beginning of time, the God of Creation looked down upon the chaotic beasts roaming the world he worked so hard to create and felt divine intervention was the only solution to a world that had not met the expectations of the great god. Using his divine abilities he created a continent filled with beautiful and exotic plants and animals, but something was missing. Feeling alone in the universe the God of Creation created humans, a unique race that had lived in harmony with the Mortal Realm for many centuries. The God of Creation grew bored over time and decided to create a world that wasn’t ruled by routine and diplomacy like the Mortal Realm, thus he filled a world with strange creatures and beings that populated the new continent of Asura. Both the worlds coincided without incident, leaving the God of Creation little choice but to move on to new worlds. He constructed magnificent cities in the clouds and created several gods assigned to keeping the peace between the two realm...

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