Crystal White PlayStation Vita Available Now, in Hong Kong

Sony has announced the Crystal White PlayStation Vita for Hong Kong as well, after offering the handheld in Japan. Will the US get in on the colored action as well?

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DigitalAnalog2251d ago


MastaMold2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Hope Sony releases more colors that would be great :)

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rezzah2250d ago

Dont worry, NA will get their next colour after 5 or more are released in Japan.

byeGollum2250d ago

I'm also waiting :D .. I'm waiting to see what happens at E3, price cut maybe? more colors? I don't really care about colors. I'm hoping for a price cut and more software like Burning skies and Gravity Daze

sashimi2250d ago

Sigh i should've waited since my friend is now in China and he could've easily picked me up one :(

Kinger89382250d ago

Either way i havent touched mine for weeks :(

MmaFan-Qc2250d ago

Either way im using mine everydays on my breaks, MK9 on the go? AWESOME!

Blacksand12250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Because it's no new games out right? Vita isn't a console so you won't play it everyday. People stop crying you brought it so live with it are sell it.

Everyday someone say that, I haven't played mine.

Garrison2250d ago

Wow, i'd love to have it in white. If that comes to the states it will probably be announced in E3 along with a bunch of games around the corner and who even knows... maybe a price cut too lol. Pacience is certaintly a virtue.

Knushwood Butt2250d ago

My black Vita got covered in water today.

I'm currently drying it out and leaving it for about 24 hours before doing anything with it.

Tomorrow I'll find out whether it is dead or not.....

If so, I guess I'll consider waiting for the white one to replace it (comes out in Japan next month).