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Joel Taveras writes, "Unconventional. That’s the best way to describe Lightbox Interactive’s PlayStation 3 exclusive, Starhawk. The game takes all of the “rules” that players have become accustomed to in the traditional third person shooter, and, through its unique game mechanic, in one quick swipe manages to throw them all out of the window. The game’s uniqueness is its greatest strength. Will that be enough to set it apart and worth your money?"

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DanSolo2251d ago

Get this game, it's a lot of fun and well worth the money if you like good multiplayer games!

The single player is just fine for a decent and interesting tutorial, but that is basically what it's purpose is.

The online and offline split screen co-op is good, and the ability to play the multiplayer online with splitscreen with the second person signing in with their own PSN name is a good bonus!

Considering how long Warhawk had a strong following I think it's safe to say Starhawk is a safe bet for a good fun multiplayer game that will be going strong for a few years!


EDIT: I copied and pasted this across the last few reviews just in case anyone is on the fence about the game!