Retailers want blockbuster game releases spread out across the year

"Huge games so close together becomes unaffordable"

You guys aren't the only ones who think it's madness to squeeze all of the biggest games of the year into a tiny release window leading up to Christmas.

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Snookies122255d ago

That's a dashing gent you have there in that picture.

2254d ago
Tomonobu Itagaki2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

That would actually be profitable for everyone, and not only retailers.

For gamers because they would have great games all along the year.
For retailers because they would make high profits all along the year.

For publishers / developers because most blockbuster games release in November, right before Christmas / Black Friday or in March (end of current fiscal year), which means most of the time that gamers have to choose one or two out of several blockbuster games, meaning very variable sales for most of those titles.

sarshelyam2254d ago

So do consumers. I play plenty of games, and I play plenty of those games that all get releases within weeks of one another, if not on the same day.

I'd love a little more buffer between these tentpole titles.

GraveLord2254d ago

Not gonna happen. The closer you release a game to the holidays, the higher its debut sales will be. The sweet spot is the week before Black Friday.

A perfect example of this method working is WWE '12. It had double-digit percentage increase in sales because they chose to release in the last week of November instead of October like they did for the 2011 version.

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