Raising Hell: Lessons Learned from 'Entitled Gamers'

Rob Fahey writes: "When something goes wrong in a commercial transaction between a creator and a customer, the morality of the situation is rarely complex. Lay out the facts of the situation clearly and few people will disagree with the final assessment; in the cold light of day, the party who's being greedy, or unreasonable, or over-entitled, or a combination of all of the above, isn't usually hard to identify. While the vocal over-reaction of a (thankfully small) band of game consumers to various titles in the past couple of years has generated a backlash against the "entitled gamer", the reality is that few game companies have anything like a spotless record in terms of dealing with their consumers."

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Christopher2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Gotta love how he took the time to take a dig at Sony in all of that. Talk about a tangent. Not that he's not entirely wrong, but he sure does like to use some good ole hyperbole in doing so as well. Really? "Utterly ashamed" with a system that provides tons of entertainment value to millions of people? Yeah, it's not the best, but it gets the job done and almost as many people who own 360s in the world seem to think it does well enough.

Anyway, back on topic, the problem here isn't so much bugs at release, we're used to this. It's game breaking issues that prevent us from playing the game. Whether it stems from their desire to require everyone be logged onto their servers and receive real-time data from them (Diablo 3) or the bugs are so bad that they're unplayable (Dead Island).

Players want to be able to play their games when they can.

Weird to say it, but this issue continues to grow in occurrence as technology progresses. Last generation, I don't recall ever having a game breaking issue with any game other than an MMO -- which were ahead of their time with release week problems that prevented players from playing the games they purchased (and were wasting free days of their 30-day trial at the same time).

So, how long will it take before companies actually make a game that isn't buggy or implement a new way of connecting all their users, even the single players, together under one regime-esque umbrella? Honestly, I'm a skeptic, I think it will only get worse as time goes on. And, we'll put up with it here and there, bemoan it when it's a big AAA title, and possibly get something out of it, like free DLC or an apology written on real paper that will be scanned in and then distributed on the Internet.

mananimal2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

ha! another paid INDUSTRY SHILL tryna turn things around on the GAMER. The TRUTH is gamers as consumers just play the games, publishers\developers\& their corporate paymasters, DESIGN, CREATE, PRODUCE the games. GAMERS as consumers can ONLY REACT to the SELFISH CHOICES(DLC,DRM,CASUALITIST,et c) that the INDUSTRY chooses to make. When the industry creates a franchise & it becomes popular & then along the way they CHANGE what made the game POPULAR to suit there agenda of greed & control & the gamers that have commonsense(that small majority u mentioned) say enough!! & stand up based on principal alone & say "hey, this game is crap or this is wrong(DLC,DRM, online only for single player) !" , then like the BULLYS that the Industry has become, like a bunch of "SOCIAL NAZI`S" they attempt to crush dissent by spreading propaganda & lies through the very changing of definitions & the real meaning of words. Entiitlement is what you RICH CORPORATE NAZI`S ARE(game industry), greedy & controlling as you attempt to put a stranglehold on gaming as a whole. All in the name of your socially oppressive agenda through gaming.

NeoTribe2284d ago

Wow guys it ain't that serious. D3 is awesome and deserves to be played. End on story.

mananimal2284d ago

Your ignorant & dont see the "End Game" or "Far Reaching" consequences of "Todays" choices.