Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta - Thank You For Playing

A message from Ubisoft: On behalf of the whole Ghost Recon team, we wanted to thank you for playing the beta. We apreciated all your valuable feedback. In this video, find out how good you played.

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xVeZx2255d ago

game is ass....disagree i dont care

h311rais3r2255d ago

I completely agree. Ubi is trying to turn it into a 3rd person cod I miss te original ghost recon games. You know the ones that required strategy.

F7U122255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

I played the beta and have to agree with you and one thing in particular that really pissed me off was just how over powered the sniper class was when going up against the other classes. A couple of well positioned snipers were able to slow the gameplay down to a crawl and then things got really boring, really fast.

Burackus2254d ago

This game is badass..... disagree i dont care.
Ghost recon was like a breath of fresh air to me i love it. Day one for me.

Fil1012254d ago

I agree completly wid u Burackus day 1 for me aswell cant wait beer and future soldier
PS id = phil101