The Elder Scrolls Online's main story is built around solo players

DSOGaming writes: "When The Elder Scrolls Online was announced, PC gamers began wondering whether such a project could actually work out. Every previous part of this legendary series was in Single-Player mode and focused on one protagonist. Give the fact thate most MMO games are based on squads and clans, a lot of fans lost hope. Fear not though gamers, as The Elder Scrolls Online’s main story is built around solo players, which means that you will be able to complete it in your own and you will feel – once again – as the hero of the game."

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Kamikaze1352319d ago

That didn't work so well for SWTOR

Wizziokid2319d ago

Well personally I enjoy personal story in MMO's but I also done with subscription based MMO's at the same time.

zeal0us2319d ago

Wish Bethesda would make it free to play and just require me to buy the game.

john22319d ago

doubt it, but here is hoping. We have a long time until it gets released

GamingPerson2319d ago

If this game work out well then I can see lots of new people coming to pc.

Gamer-Z2318d ago

The game looks terrible when compared to Skyrim and even Oblivion.