Why Konami needs to announce Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II

GameZone explains why the company needs to make this sequel official.

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RufustheSage2200d ago

Konami needs to announce a 2-D Castlevania for the 3DS or Vita, shoot even the digital for the PS3 and 360 would be great.

TekoIie2199d ago

If its like the original then yes! Any others and it's a no...

oldfriend862200d ago

Konami needs to celebrate Castlevania's 25th anniversary.

KingofGambling2200d ago

Konami needs to work on Suikoden VI.

Lucreto2199d ago

Yes this

It has been too long since I layed a proper Suikoden game.

KingofGambling2199d ago

Have you play Suikoden II before?

Lucreto2198d ago

Yes I got it second hand a few weeks after it launched for £5. I can sell it for £100 now.

It is my favourite game of the PS1 era.

KingofGambling2195d ago

Do not sell Suikoden II that thing is a piece of art for rpg games. I was fortunate to buy off from a friend for 20 bucks.

NovusTerminus2200d ago

Konami needs to give Castlevania back to the Japanese devs.

Lords of Shadow is a giant plot hole in the main cannon, and I don't like the western style for the game.

Ayami Kojima or bust!

KwietStorm2199d ago

lol! A plot hole? Castlevania never had a story to have a plot hole. Great, fun platforming games, but its always just next in line, go kill Dracula. Lords of Shadow had a very well put together story that isn't even connected to previous games. Why do you say its a plot hole?

GamerToons2199d ago

Lords of shadow isn't cannon, so how the hell would it be a major plot hole in the main cannon?

Lord_Sloth2200d ago

Konami needs to cancel LoS2 and stop outsourcing Japanese games to inept companies!

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The story is too old to be commented.