Kinect Fun Labs - A Wasted Opportunity

James Steel writes -
"Kinect Fun Labs is certainly case of promise vs. reality. Announced at E3 2011, the new application promised fun, quirky, experimental side projects that aimed to show off unique ideas and concepts for the Kinect. While some of that may be true, there’s definitely potential for so much more. The unfortunate reality has resulted in paid-for widgets that are pretty shallow. While I’m not going to argue that I haven’t had fun with the current offerings such as Googly Eyes, Build a Buddy and Air Band, it’s far from what the service should have been.

Imagine of the Kinect Fun Labs application was much more open, just like the Indie Games platform, allowing developers to release free or cheap experimental applications for Kinect gamers to play. There’s certainly been a huge influx of Kinect titles recently, more so with ‘Kinect features’, but there’s nothing quite like community projects."

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