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TheHDRoom: "Starhawk on Playstation 3 feeds gamers off multiplayer battlefield strategy and exhilaration while the methodical single player campaign begs for attention like a neglected pet. One glance at the pause menu during the campaign reveals an online mecca of options, stats and modes that demand playing nice with others.

In other words, the greatest rewards aren't showered upon the recluse..."

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DanSolo2320d ago

Get this game, it's a lot of fun and well worth the money if you like good multiplayer games!

The single player is just fine for a decent and interesting tutorial, but that is basically what it's purpose is.

The online and offline split screen co-op is good, and the ability to play the multiplayer online with splitscreen with the second person signing in with their own PSN name is a good bonus!

Considering how long Warhawk had a strong following I think it's safe to say Starhawk is a safe bet for a good fun multiplayer game that will be going strong for a few years!


EDIT: I copied and pasted this across the last few reviews just in case anyone is on the fence about the game!

LiViNgLeGaCY2320d ago

Couldn't agree with you more DanSolo.

The intensity and adrenaline rush you get from playing the multiplayer is just amazing. This is definitely one of the best multiplayer games I've played in years!

NastyLeftHook02320d ago

o got this dlc for being in the beta, its called creator or something.

neutralgamer192320d ago

This game is just bad a$$. Seriously you feel like your in an epic war everytime. I cant say enough about this title. Best thing is that replayability in my mind is infinite. Every game is different.