Exclusive shots of Goschy's prototype "Wiimote" controllers

Via Engadget:

"So, we got some more information from Patrick Goschy so he could set his story straight, and were surprised to learn he still had the original prototype controller! According to Goschy, he really has no plans -- or venue -- to sue Nintendo, since Midway owned all of his patents, and as far as he can tell, Nintendo bought the patents from Midway, since Nintendo references one of the patents in its application for the Wiimote.

Apparently he just wants the recognition: "I just wanted people to know. Wanted the truth to come out. Did this 8 years ago, and the Wii has been such a huge deal, I wanted the truth to get out there. It wasn't these two or three Japanese guys that came up with this thing." His guess is that Nintendo saw the video demo he did -- which was seen by hundreds of employees of Midway -- and probably paid a pittance for the technology, thanks to Midway's mismanagement."

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pwnsause3986d ago

seriously, other than the wii getting this, if this was used on the Dreamcast, it would of been pwning the Gamecube, Xbox, and possibly the PS2, but then again thats just me.

bootsielon3986d ago

I wouldn't replace doing more with a processor than doing "more" with a wandstick.

YoMeViet3986d ago

Wow it has ONE button....awesome
Man I wish Nintendo can counter his butt for being tard. I mean what kind of game controller has one freaking button

LanRanger3986d ago

I don't think a lawsuit is justified, and indeed, none has been filed, but give the guy a break. It was an early prototype likely designed with a limited number of games in mind. Who knows what form a final product would have taken. I think he did a great job--if we had seen this 7 or 8 years ago we all would have been drooling.

Of course, the real problem with add-on peripherals is that they never get much game support. Not only including, but offering the Wiimote as the exlcusive controller for the Wii was a ballsy move by Nintendo, and it paid off.

Leathersoup3986d ago

I hope Midway's kicking themselves for it.

"Should we do something with this doohickey?"

"Hell no! Let's put out another Mortal Kombat."