Cage: Five more years on PS3 wouldn't concern me

David Cage will not join calls from the industry to rush out a new generation of game hardware.

The director of breakthrough hit Heavy Rain believes his Paris studio Quantic Dream would have few concerns developing on PlayStation 3 for another five years.

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Iceman X2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Last time i checked PS3 had the BEST exclusives out there, for story/graphics. If they're ahead of thier competition why worry about making a new system? Like the guys said "What can't the PS3 do?" It can do everything, if someone can't do it on the PS3 then they're just lazy devs.

beerkeg2134d ago

It's not an ever flowing cup though, there are things that devs would like to do to progress game creation that on the ps3 simply isn't possible. Otherwise we'd still have games created on the Atari 2600 if everyone had that thinking.

Time moves on, and while there will still be many great games made on ps3, which I don't doubt, a new console will give many more opportunities to developers.

And I'm not just talking about graphics, there is much more behind a game that takes computing power, physics take a lot of cpu power and with more power (comes great responsibility!) they would be able to do a lot more.

I love my ps3 don't get me wrong, but it's had a good run. 5 years sounds a bit too long to me, sure let it carry on like the ps2 but I'd prefer a new console sooner rather than later.

GribbleGrunger2134d ago

the constant obsession with power has lead to unimaginative developers who think that all they have to do is offer us the same experiences but with higher definition and more polygons. if you ask more of devs from the same tech then they have to find new ways of making games. that is what we need at the moment. THEN perhaps we can move forward with new tech.

SAE2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

You say it first xD
But i think they wont understand because most of People bought the ps3 late , only few played like us , sony can make 5 amazing games a month i would still be bored because i finish each game in less then a day so i want ps4 , i want something new and intersting , or at least faster development so they can make games longer Or to have no limit to make games more challenging

beerkeg2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )


There are some amazing devs out there, who spend their lives creating games for a living that have made their best games when the technology has progressed to a level that they could realise their dreams.

I'm saying it's not all about the graphics but there are many areas that can be improved that DO need more power. Physics and AI come at a cost - Computing power.

But graphics are part of the immersion as well, do you think a game like Uncharted would have been possible on the ps2? It wouldn't obviously, so the extra power of the ps3 was a great benefit.

I'm a person who believes in moving forward, and while you are right that imagination is a great thing in game development, technological progression is an important part of it as well.

If a developer has more power they have a greater ability to create what they want. Progression doesn't stifle creativity, it expands it.

raymantalk12134d ago

i disagree with you GribbleGrunger more power in consoles/pc's is always better sure if you have a standard like the ps3/360 devs will work hard to get the best out of what there is, but me and everyone will always want better tech and we have a long way to go before we get anywhere near the power needed to even consider to stop improving what we have.

inveni02133d ago

We can't just move forward. Game creation is SUPER expensive, and to make better, more dynamic experiences is going to take a huge investment of time and money. Studios are going to need to start evolving their toolset before we jump into a new gen.

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BrutallyBlunt2134d ago

Maybe if he had more power to work with his games would be less linear and not rely on QTE.

miyamoto2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Bigger Budgets Higher Retail Prices Same Shooters Tax Our Wallets

I am not attacking shooter fans or shooter games.

This guy, David Cage, really knows what he is talking about. I hope corporate America is listening,

Progress is good but I hope this Power Mongering in the industry stops. It has done more damage than good.

It has Hollywood-ized the industry.

They have turned games into big budget movies. e.i. Metroid Other M

The military funding of these shooters in America has disrupted the whole industry on the the Adbox 360 & PS3. It has turned our beloved industry into a huge recruitment agency for the military.

The huge disruption is like a big tsunami or earthquake.

That is not fair.

Japan has suffered the most. It took them by surprise! The casualties: immense.

Bigger companies like Sony, Nintendo, Capcom, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, etc are forced to keep up with the Jones & westernize their stuff or die.

The lesser Japanese companies just can't keep up with big budgets.

Instead they are relegated to making cheap games and shovel ware on cheap portables, the Wii, & smart phones.

The bigger the budget on the same recycled shooters the higher the retail prices go.

If you love gaming support avant garde games not just the big budget ones.

This Power Mongering on tech & budget is killing the console gaming industry.

Anon19742133d ago

"...will not join calls from the industry to rush out a new generation of game hardware"
Honest question, who in the industry has been calling for new hardware? Most developers I've seen have all resoundingly agreed there's no rush for new hardware. Anyone know who's been saying we need the next gen?

jthamind2133d ago

PS3 has the best exclusives out there for story and GRAPHICS? story, ok, maybe.

but graphics????

i invite you to watch that video and then cheerfully kill yourself for saying something so silly. that game came out in 2007 and it looks better than anything from the PS3's entire life cycle thus far. lol.

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CDzNutts2133d ago

Thanks for posting that vid. Just popped in my PS3 games to check. Nope, what you posted doesnt look better.

It just looks good.


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ExposingLames2134d ago ShowReplies(3)
--Onilink--2134d ago

well he is still developing his 2nd game for the PS3 and who knows when that will come out, so i dont see why it would bother him to stay 5 more years, he would probably be starting development on a 3rd game by then. Other devs who have made more games are the ones who want the change to come faster

SockeyBoy2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Your staring eyes scare me.

OT: I don't mind Mr. Cage!

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