SimCity 2000 and Dungeon Keeper Feature in's Weekend Promo's (Good Old Games) latest weekend promo is all about building worlds. From futuristic planets to dungeons, grab yourself some classic EA titles for 50% off until Monday 21st May.

GOG is all about updating classic games to run on modern PC hardware, so you never need to worry about that old game running fifty times faster than it should, since each game is given both care and attention that they deserve, not to mention usually coming along with a number of goodies ranging from Soundtracks, Artwork, Wallpapers, Guides and even some other special things from time to time.

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2pacalypsenow2251d ago

I love GOG such great games that are hard to find

Lighter92251d ago

I wish they would make Dungeon Keeper 3 soooo bad.