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Zynga Announces Free-to-Play Gaming Console

20d ago - Current Zynga CEO and former President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft has... | Culture

Zynga Goes Mobile After Facebook

42d ago - After Facebook decided to cancel their agreement with powerhouse app developers Zynga. Don Mattri... | Mobile

Top 5 Number Puzzlers on iPhone

63d ago - Quality Index examines the best numerical puzzle games on iPhone. | iPhone

"Ethical Considerations? Absolutely, It's Why I Quit" Former Zynga Programmer Shares His Experience

159d ago - Reddit user LangrangePT, a former programmer at Zynga, kicked off an AMA last night. LangrangePT... | Industry

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

The Seven Million Dollar Man: CEO Don Mattrick's Significant Zynga Number

179d ago - The importance of the $7m EBITDA figure in Zynga's Q3 results, and what it means to the story CEO... | Industry

Zynga's hope for salvation doesn't lie with Pincus

200d ago - A founder who's "bored with games" won't turn around a company in a creative crisis. Can Don Matt... | Culture

In App Purchases: Why I Have No Problem With Them

206d ago - Mudry: "We live in a different gaming industry compared to what we had many, many years ago. Bac... | PC

How Zynga went from social gaming powerhouse to has-been

220d ago - Cyrus Farivar: In Zynga's July 2011 prospectus to future shareholders, company founder and CEO Ma... | Industry

Activision Blizzard stock soars 15%, Zynga’s falls 14% — what does it mean for games?

269d ago - VB - Investors piled out of Zynga and seemingly right into Activision Blizzard. | Industry

Zynga must change the fundamentals of its business

270d ago - The [a]list daily: "We look more closely at Zynga's numbers and what new CEO Mattrick has to do." | Industry

Can Zynga get a spark through Facebook?

282d ago - Zynga has been in trouble recently and it seems like a lot of it comes from the idea that there i... | Industry

Today It's Zynga, Tomorrow It's You. Why 'Cool' Isn't Enough

285d ago - Forbes - Online gaming company Zynga has been in the news a lot lately, but most of this reportin... | Culture

How would a Microsoft-owned Zynga have affected the Xbox One?

287d ago - The Guardian: "Could FarmVille and Xbox One have been a match made in heaven? Zynga as an in-hous... | Xbox One

Don Mattrick and a Potential Xbox One Disaster

290d ago - Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, praised his contribution to the company and Mark Pincus, the... | Xbox One

The Fall Of Mark Pincus: From Billionaire To Zynga's Former CEO

291d ago - Forbes - On Dec. 16, 2011, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus stood grinning at his company’s San Francisco he... | Industry

Five Things CEO Don Mattrick Can Do To Turn Zynga Around

291d ago - Forbes - Yesterday, Don Mattrick shocked many when it was revealed he was leaving his lofty posit... | Industry

How Zynga snared Xbox boss Don Mattrick as its CEO

291d ago - GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi writes the inside story on how Zynga hired Microsoft's Don Mattrick. | Casual games

Why Mattrick was right to join Zynga

293d ago - GamesIndustry: "What's in it for Mattrick, and what does it mean for Zynga?" | Industry

Here's what you need to know about Don Mattrick's move from Xbox One to Zynga

294d ago - Three things to know about the companies impacted by Mattrick's move: ELECTRONIC ARTS The set-u... | Xbox 360

Analyst: Mattrick's Zynga move little reason for optimism

294d ago - Responding to yesterday's news of Don Mattrick's departure as Microsoft entertainment head to bec... | Industry

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Don Mattrick might yet fix Zynga, but Microsoft’s problems are manifold

294d ago - EDGE: "No longer head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick is off to Z... | Industry

Zynga shuffle shows Pincus committed to Xbox dream

294d ago - VG247: "Mattrick seems excited about his new position, and confident enough that he can turn Zyng... | Industry

Can Don Mattrick Save Zynga?

295d ago - A new face is coming to Zynga. Can Don Mattrick turn around the company’s misfortune? | Industry

Goodbye, Don Mattrick: 5 Things The Last Xbox King Brought Us

295d ago - FleshEatingZipper writes: Who called it? We called it. I’ve been asking for Don Mattrick’s head l... | Xbox One

Games For Change Celebrate Half The Sky Movement In New York

413d ago - Actresses Olivia Wilde and America Ferrera celebrated the launch of Half the Sky Movement: The Ga... | PC
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