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Reviewing: Zone of the Enders HD Edition
Great gameplay and music, not so great in other aspects
“Chicks dig giant robots,” a phrase that I am all too familiar with after watching Megas XLR, is all I could think of while playing Zone of the Enders, a game developed by Konami and Metal Gear head developer, Hideo Kojima. that has recently gotten an HD collection. In Zone of the Enders, the player controls the 13-year-old boy, Leo Stenbuck. Leo lives on the Antilia, a space colony orbiting around Jupiter, and the game starts out as the colony is attacked by the BAHRAM army, an anti-terrestrial military organization. Not only do they wish to kill, but they also are trying to get a hold of an orbital frame, or advanced fighting mech, the Jehuty.

The first thing Leo sees as the game starts is his friends get killed by an orbital frame piloted by BAHRAM officer, Viola. However, Leo manages to escape death, and finds himself running for cover. While running, he stumbles upon the unfinished Jehuty and boards the orbital frame in an attempt to hide. Jehuty turns on and Leo finds himself attacked by Viola. A fight ensues, in which the player does not yet know the controls for the game. After this fight, Viola escapes and Leo is greeted by the Jehuty’s computer AI, ADA. He is then contacted by Elena Weinberg, the commander of the civilian transport vessel Atlantis, and is told that the Jehuty needs to be transported to the Atlantis so that it can be used in a battle on Mars. Elena also informs Leo that the man initially in charge of retrieving the Jehuty is dead and because of Leo’s outstanding piloting skills, he is tasked with bringing the Jehuty to the Atlantis. After a while of complaining about not wanting to help kill people, Leo is finally convinced to carry out this task. However, in order to do so, there are a few things Leo must retrieve and install into the Jehuty to be able to fly into space to board the Atlantis.

Zone of the enders has easy to learn controls. Left analog to move, right analog for camera, X or A to descend, Triangle or Y to ascend, Circle or B to grab/throw, Square or X(360) to attack, R2 to dash and power charge, R1 to block, L1 and L2 manage lock on targeting, and the d-pad changes sub weapons. While dashing and power charging, attacking with Square/X(360) yields different attacks than normal.

As the player makes his/her way to boarding the Atlantis, there are several missions the player must carry out. Throughout the game, there are also several S.O.S missions that the player may take on. During the S.O.S missions, building destruction and civilians alive are displayed. The goal here is to defeat all of the enemies without destroying buildings or causing any casualties. Once an S.O.S mission is completed, the player is ranked based on how many buildings were left standing and how many civilians were saved. To get the highest rank, buildings must not be destroyed and every civilian must be kept alive. However, there are only five S.O.S missions in the game.

The gameplay of Zone of the Enders is very fun, and that is the best part about the game. The soundtrack is also spectacular. However, with the good aspects comes a plethora of things that really agitated me while playing. Not only does the game only take about 3-4 hours to complete the first time around, but the story of Zone of the Enders diminishes after the beginning, and only has a few moments that contribute to the story. The game is not difficult; the only parts of the game that I truly thought “this is a pain” or “this is kinda hard” are the five S.O.S missions and a part near the end of the game that has you disarming bombs. The main character, Leo, gets to be very annoying with the amount of complaining he does about helping, and how he won’t kill the people who are trying to kill him. The game features decent voice acting, but the voice-mouth synchronizing is horrible; a character will stop talking and their mouth will still be moving. Although the missions in the game are fairly unique and aren’t repetitive, throughout the game all of the standard enemies are just higher leveled versions of the same enemies you started off fighting. The game also does not have too much replay value, aside from trophies in the hd version and unlocking the other orbital frames if the player has not already done so.

Even though the game has a decently large amount of flaws, the gameplay and soundtrack were enough to keep the game fun and prevent it from being bad. The game was fun and entertaining, but if you are someone who prefers longer games and gameplay/soundtrack alone won’t keep you entertaining, then it probably won’t be your cup of tea.

It also might be worth knowing that the cockpits are located at the crotch of the orbital frames.

Zone of the Enders gets a 7.5 out of 10.
Great Gameplay
Great Soundtrack
Bad voice synchronization
story loses its interest and main character is slightly annoying
same 3 types of enemies the entire game and the game is too easy
Graphics Good for the ps2 era, but it definitely shows aging.
Sound Very good soundtrack.
Gameplay The basic gameplay is fantastic and the controls are easy to learn. Very interesting gameplay concept.
Fun factor Although the gameplay is great, the game is too short and easy. Throughout the game, there are only 3 types of standard enemies, and everything you fight is just a more difficult version of one of those 3. Story is decent.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)

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