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ZombiU Reviews  

GamerPops review: ZombiU

1124d ago - ZombiU shows that not only can you make M-rated games on the Wii U, but you can make M-rated game... | Wii U

PixlBit's ZombiU Review

1124d ago - PixlBit | "Take this how you will, but I am scared of playing ZombiU. Every time I pick up the Wi... | Wii U

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Zombi U Review | AllYouCanGeek

1124d ago - Review of Ubisoft's Zombi U game for Wii U | Wii U

ZombiU Review |

1125d ago - The zombie apocalypse comes to London. Check out our review of ZombiU for the Nintendo Wii U. | Wii U

ZombiU Review I Play Legit

1125d ago - Ms. Throwback of Play Legit Writes "Once you die the old character roams the streets and buildings". | Wii U

ZombiU Review by The Black Panel

1127d ago - The Black Panel writes: Had enough of the undead? Make an exception for ZombiU. Ubisoft’s surviva... | Wii U

ZombiU Review | Analog Addiction

1128d ago - Analog Addiction Writes" It is unfortunate, but it seems as the years pass us, the survival-horro... | Wii U

London Calling: {The Play Vault} ZombiU Review

1128d ago - Now in a market that is full of zombie games, ZombiU has to do a lot if it wants to stand head an... | Wii U

ZombiU Review (ITF Gaming)

1129d ago - Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisof... | Wii U

ZombiU Review | OmniGamer

1131d ago - OmniGamer Writes "Rather than follow the traditional review path of detailing the mechanics and f... | Wii U

ZombiU Review - Dusty Cartridge

1131d ago - Put simply if you’re not a fan of survival horror you’re not going to enjoy ZombiU. So many eleme... | Wii U

ZombiU Review | Casually Addicted

1132d ago - Casually Addicted: "ZombiU is a great way to get the blood pumping; it's a thrilling ride and a g... | Wii U

ZombiU Review | Canadian Online Gamers

1133d ago - Canadian Online Gamers: "Zombi U is a game that successfully utilizes the Wii U’s GamePad feature... | Wii U

ZombiU Review | Nintendojo

1133d ago - Nintendojo: "ZombiU is a game that is ultimately greater than the sum of its parts because it del... | Wii U

Ginx-ZombiU Review

1137d ago - GX:It's always there. Every time. The hunger. The never ending, insatiable hunger. No, not the hu... | Wii U

ZombiU Review - The Digital Fix

1140d ago - First come the oohs and aahs. Then it’s the running and screaming.” That’s what Dr. Ian Malcolm t... | Wii U

VGRevolution ZombiU Review

1142d ago - ZombiU is the reason to own a WiiU. Find out why inside. | Wii U

Review: ZombiU is the best Wii U title out right now -

1143d ago - ZombiU is one of the most polarizing titles in recent memory. If you give the game a chance thoug... | Wii U

ZombiU Review | Digital Chumps

1143d ago - Digital Chumps: "While far from perfect, ZombiU is nevertheless an compelling launch title that n... | Wii U

ZombiU review | Gamesblip

1143d ago - Gamesblip writes about Ubisoft's ZombiU for the Wii U. | Wii U

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In-depth Review: ZombiU - Electronic Theatre

1143d ago - Of all the titles included in the Wii U launch line-up it’s undoubtedly been left to Ubisoft’s Zo... | Wii U


1144d ago - NYP:Ubisoft's ZombiU is a brilliant game in some ways. It looks and feels like a take-no-prisoner... | Wii U

ZombiU Review | GamesWeasel

1144d ago - GamesWeasel writes: "The Wii U has actually had a good crop of launch titles available at laun... | Wii U

Zero Punctuation's ZombiU Review

1144d ago - This week, Zero Punctuation reviews ZombiU. | Wii U

GamingUnwrapped: ZombiU Review

1145d ago - GamingUnwrapped's Jonathon Hudon - "ZombiU is unfinished, and in many ways, completely broken. I... | Wii U


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