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What is Innovation? And does it matter?

652d ago ... While some think the Wii U gamepad and Kinect 2.0 are excellent features to the consoles, some think that they should be optional, and follow in the footsteps of the PS4, which supports Off-TV play and motion control separately. I agree and disagree. It was the right move for Sony to let people get more Innovation out of there console at a different price, and simply let us pay a cheaper price...

What is a "Nintendo fan"?

873d ago ... I'm not the one to indulge myself in the matters of fanboyism or console favoritism, but a comment on a particular news article yesterday challenged my identity and made me reconsider what I stand for. What that comment was, you may ask? "ZombiU was never going to be successful being exclusive to Wii U because many Nintendo fans aren't into those kind of games" This blog is not only a res...

The Wii U Is Not A Failure, But Does Need Some Improvement

1023d ago ... Many an article on N4G keeps getting posted (almost each week it's one after another) saying how the Wii U or even Nintendo requires saving and how that can be done. Some have even gone to say that the Wii U and its launch are failures in their own right. Evidently the Wii U has had a strong start and has started to dwindle in sales as of late; the past few weeks numbers along the lines of 5...

Remember that Miiverse debug menu?

1024d ago ... Shortly after the Wii U's release in November of 2012, a NeoGAF user by the name of Trike found a way to access some sort of debug menu for the Wii U. Listed on the debug menu were a bunch of games titles: Super Mario Bros. WiiU metroid Zombie Yoshi's Island Wii U Flipnote Studio Donkey Kong Wii Fit Soul Hackers resident evils metal gear solid Final Fantasy 3 Dragon Quest 10 Fa...
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