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Zombie Apocalypse

- PS3

Zombie Apocalypse is fun, for 30 minutes at a time. Then it just gets extremely repetitive and this detracts from the gameplay. In the beginning Zombie Apocalypse is very fast paced and fun to play when you have some buddies over or whatever but then after the first five levels or so it becomes the same old thing. Each couple of levels does add a few new enemies but it all plays out the sa...

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Zombie Apocalypse

Average Score 6.8 Reviews(65)
Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
US 24 September 2008
AU 24 September 2009
EU 24 September 2009
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 23 September 2009
AU 23 September 2009
EU 23 September 2009