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The Last of Us & Surviving Horror

1522d ago ... Almost everyone seems to be saying, The Last of Us is "just another zombie game". And with no real emotional substance in modern titles to make the horror hold any meaning, I can see why people are getting tired of zombies. But I can't help feeling that people are being shortsighted, & stubborn in there views on The Last of Us. So, may I ask that you keep an open mind? Not just about this game,...

Do games like L4D & L4D2 prove that gamer's aren't patient?

1947d ago ... Note: There was probably a post similar to this I didn't read or remember, and if I "copied" it, I apologize. I must confess: I love killing zombies. The sheer satisfaction of red hot bullets tearing through the zombies' flesh and empty cranium. I loved all the Resident Evil series (except for the travesty that was RE5, and yes, I enjoyed RE: Outbreak 1 and File#2). I've watched a countless...
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