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Interstellar Marines Developer Interview with Carsten Boserup | GIZORAMA

129d ago - Tim Allen, GIZORAMA - "It takes a lot of patience to make a game, even in these days of impressiv... | PC

'Interstellar Marines: Prologue' Scrambles For Last-Minute Funding

725d ago - "With a little over one day left, Zero Point Software released one final announcement urging pote... | PC

Interstellar Marines – An Interview With Zero Point Software.

732d ago - Time for another Indie Interviews session. Started a while ago by GameAspect.Com to try and help... | PC

GameOn: Interstellar Marines Interview with Kim Haar Jorgensen Part 1 of 4

1277d ago - GameOn were given an opportunity to interview Kim Haar Jørgensen, the game director of Interstell... | PC

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Interstellar Marines Audio Interview with Zero Point Software - GamingShogun

1348d ago - conducts an audio interview with Zero Point Software game director and co-founde... | PC

Interstellar Marines Details, Multiplayer, Weapons And More

1357d ago - Cinemablend "...we had a chance to ask the lead game designer for Interstellar Marines, Kim Haar... | PC

Interstellar Marines Development Confirmed For PS3 And Xbox 360

1367d ago - Gaming Blend " may be hearing a lot more about Interstellar Marines because Zero Point Soft... | PC

AAA First-Person Shooter Available to Play Online Free

1594d ago - Zero Point Software is inviting gamers from all over the world to get immersed even deeper into t... | PC

Zero Point Software Releases Interstellar Marines: Running Man

1598d ago - Zero Point Software, an independent developer located in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been working on... | PC
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