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Zeno Clash 2 Reviews  

Review: Zeno Clash II | Metro Gaming

338d ago - Ace Team’s Zeno Clash was a remarkably confident indie project that got noticed thanks to its wel... | PC

In-depth Review: Zeno Clash II - Electronic Theatre

342d ago - The original Zeno Clash was a videogame that received significant acclaim for both its unique wor... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | GamingExcellence

343d ago - Zeno Clash II is a good definition of a sequel - it builds upon its predecessor while keeping the... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | HAL

346d ago - Isaac Wagner: "Zeno Clash II is a game I want to love unconditionally, but I just can't. Its prob... | PC

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Zeno Clash II Review (PS3 Port) | Laser Lemming

350d ago - "Still, the fact of the matter is that you can hit a historically inaccurate crab in its weak poi... | PC

Zeno Clash 2 Review | post it gamer

352d ago - Brian from states "Bigger is not always better and Zeno Clash 2 manages to prove... | PC

ADG Short And Simple Review: Zeno Clash II

352d ago - ADG breaks down Zeno Clash II in a Short And Simple Review. | PC

Zeno Clash II Review - XCLANN

353d ago - Grant wrote - "It also tried to have a convoluted story that I really couldn’t follow, although t... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | OXM

353d ago - OXM: "Zeno Clash II is a good value for its $15 price tag, with engaging combat and a bizarre aes... | Xbox 360

Zeno Clash II Review | GamerFuzion

356d ago - The Zeno Clash II Review will provide you with the good and bad about the game and if is a great... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review (Gamerhub)

358d ago - This sequel is weird as heck, but fans should enjoy it. | PC

VGU - Zeno Clash II Review

421d ago - Zeno Clash II is, rather unsurprisingly the sequel to Zeno Clash, the first-person fighting game... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | Dusty Cartridge

422d ago - An obscure artistic marvel held back by repetitive gameplay. Sure to become a cult hit. | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | Blistered Thumbs

422d ago - Who knew clashing involved so many face-punches? | PC

Zeno Clash II | Good Game Review

427d ago - GG writes: I think if you're going to make a beat-em-up which has this amount of length to it,... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | GameGrin

433d ago - Duke Glen at GameGrin: "Having played the original Zeno Clash to the end and thoroughly enjoying... | PC

Zeno Clash II | GodisaGeek

435d ago - GodisaGeek: "The best way to describe Zeno Clash II is to say that it’s like a strange dream – on... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | Gather Your Party

437d ago - Zeno Clash II is a sequel to the original Zeno Clash, returning us to the world of Zenozoik and i... | PC

Zeno Clash 2 Review - PCGMedia

440d ago - Zeno Clash 2 is like walking in on your older brothers acid trip, and he's meowing at you, and yo... | PC

EuroGamer - Zeno Clash 2 review

440d ago - EuroGamer - There's a great moment in an early Simpsons episode, 'Lisa the Vegetarian', when afte... | PC

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Zeno Clash 2 Review - Geimaku

441d ago - Geimaku: "Zeno Clash 2 is the sequel to Zeno Clash, a game released by Atlus back in 2010. The ga... | PC

GamerTell Review: Zeno Clash 2

442d ago - From the review, "Zeno Clash 2 still has a lot of potential, provided there will be patches and e... | PC

Geek Citadel Mini Reviews – Surgeon Simulator, God Mode, Zeno Clash 2

445d ago - "I have dreamed of being a surgeon since I was a little kid. Not the realistic kind, the ones you... | PC

Zeno Clash 2: Review | Hard Reset

445d ago - Let’s take a trip back in time shall we? Ok let’s jump back a few years ago when a little game ca... | Xbox 360

Denkiphile: Zeno Clash 2 Review

447d ago - Kevin from Denkiphile: "Taking the first-person perspective of shooters and adapting it to suit t... | PC
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Zeno Clash 2

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